Schevelle’s G String Chronicles – A loooong week In Long Beach California

Signal Hill, CA – Schevelle writes: After driving 1,800 miles from our previous gig in St. Louis, there Tony and I sat before a hot breakfast buffet at Marie Callenders. Tony, having that glazed, I’ve been driving for two days, look in his eyes glanced at me over his omelette as we discussed the 24/7 events for the West Coast leg of the Batman and Schevelle Tour.

The eventful week kicked off with filming a mainstream movie scene for “The Screening Room.” I was freezing when we first got there, luckily I did not film the first scene in which the two female actresses ran around in bikinis and topless. I had the pleasure of seeing one of the actresses re-create her “Baywatch” running scene from when she was really on Baywatch. I played Pageant Girl #1, go figure, who was interviewed by reporter extraordinaire Jason Drake, Tony Batman. You know I have to say one thing while on this subject, being in the adult entertainment industry, I know women are going to hit on Tony, but these mainstream women were definitely the boldest. I forgot my “Jezebel -be- Gone” spray, so I just sat back and enjoyed it, good luck ladies.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow that is L.A., I fear no dressing room. So as I pause and reflect on all the dressing rooms, a few words come to mind for this one, tailpipes, tires, steering wheel, water pump. This dressing room of love was a 1970’s RV complete with cheetah print everywhere and a guy with purple round glasses smoking herb and playing bongos, kidding….his glasses were blue. At one point I think we had ten people in the RV. We had photographers, radio hosts and magazine publisher Andy. We looked like a group of gypsies when we got out of the “dressing room”. It would have made a great joke, “Okay so a photographer, a radio host and a publisher walk out of this 1970’2 cheetah print RV and into the tittie bar…”. Having the paparazzo there was quite an experience with their flashing lights and constant movement. And who could forget supermodel Cindy Pucci, who took time out of her busy schedule to stop by, say “hello” and check out a couple of shows. Thanks Pucci and thanks to all the photographers who did the same.

The scary dressing room experience went right along with Friday the 13th. Tony, in his publicity machine mode, set up for us to visit the haunted Queen Mary with Striptaculous hosts Jim and Raven that day. I have noticed that all of my friends have a ghost story in which they have encountered some sort of apparition. In all my years, I have seen nothing. Knowing I probably would not see one on the ghost tour on the Queen Mary, there was no denying that you could feel them there.

My clairvoyant friend told me the ghosts are there, but they are insulted by the Disney-like tour, so they stay hidden. The tour tries to re-create some of the experiences that caused the deaths of the spirits, which turned out to be pretty cheesy, except for when you get to the boiler room. I could not imagine being in the belly of the ship with and all of the engines that run it and dying there. The boiler room and pool felt very creepy. I would haunt people if I had died that way, too. Now the scariest part of the tour was the “first-class” rooms that these people used to travel in and even scarier than that was the exercise room which had a machine that looked just like an electric chair. The funny part came when we saw the hair salon where could get a cut and curl for a quarter. What the hell do you get for a quarter now?! I know what people expect for a dollar, but a quarter, now that’s scary.

By the end of the week, I looked at Tony and again began to see that glazed look in his eyes, but he just smiled gently and said, “I think I scheduled too much stuff.” So among the daytime filming, workouts, radio shows, and nighttime performances, the finale came with a fundraiser for the Free Speech Coalition at Skirball Cultural Center. This was my first red-carpet event and it rocked!! I had so much fun meeting all the stars like Nina Hartley, Larry Flynt, Suze Randall and Sunny Lane, and at dinner we were seated at the Wicked table next Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake.

Being that I was very active in the past presidential campaign, I found the speeches enlightening and saw first-hand the importance of an organization such as the Free Speech Coalition. If we don’t pay attention to what is happening to our industry then we are going lose ALL of our freedoms and rights, and once they take them, they don’t give them back. I believe that if we all stood together and united for our rights within the industry, we would be a force that could not be stopped. The night was cut short because we had to get back to Long Beach for my last shows of the week.

After the performances, I laid in bed with Tony in exhaustion with my body still buzzing from the excitement of the night and realized that the week flew by and I had a blast the entire time. I could get addicted to this. Well, there are cities all over the country. Another one down….off to San Francisco!

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