School’s Out? Still Waiting For Answers On Sheena Shaw And John Stagliano

The other day we posted an awesome story about Johnny Stags aka John Stagliano aka Buttman aka HIV Mary. It was about his on again off again girlfriend “Dirty” Sheena Shaw. That’s actually her Twitter handle @DirtySheenaShaw My question was how dirty is Sheena Shaw? I’m still waiting for an answer.

Remember, we posted an article about Veruca “Wart” James, the CPA college graduate who decided sucking cock and talking it up the ass for a living was preferable to a career that could net her a quarter million or so a year. The minute the story went up the entire blogosphere lit up to refute my suspicion that she wasn’t as educated as she claimed to be. Wart James put up a post with her credentials displayed and I was invited to “eat my words” So I did indeed eat my words and posted an article in response.

Since then I have posed some questions about the John Stagliano/Sheena Shaw connection and am waiting to be put in my place. I haven’t heard anything in the Twitterblogosphere. It’s like crickets out there. I said that Sheena Shaw has suspiciously dropped off the map and I’m still waiting for someone to tell me that I’m wrong. I’m waiting for someone from the Evil Angel camp, friends of John Stagliano or Stagliano’s wife Karen to tell me that there is nothing wrong with Sheena’s health and that John has tested at PASS and shown that he does in fact test positive for HIV. I’m waiting. Listening and waiting. What’s up, guys?

I’m still waiting for the answer of who is the $30 million dollar company that has set up shop in Las Vegas and has been welcomed with open arms by Harry Reid. Still waiting for verification of Lexington Steele’s double degrees from Syracuse University and Joanna Angel’s degree from Rutgers. You opened the floodgates to Noah’s Ark and I’m inviting all of the animals in. You were so quick to say that Wart James was a CPA. I’m waiting for people to come out and dispel all of these other claims.

I’m waiting for Sheena Shaw to tell me that in fact she is medically fit and there is nothing suspicious about her sudden exodus from the industry. I even tweeted her the article. The questions I posed in the story I would think she would want to answer. I know some of you out there are John Stagliano’s biggest cheerleaders. So what’s up?

You were all so quick to discredit Katie Summers when her lawsuit against John Stagliano was announced. If she is such a liar and the lawsuit is so frivolous then why is there a meeting scheduled this afternoon to go over details of the lawsuit and Stagliano keeps changing the date of the deposition? Why has he retained super lawyer Paul Cambria? Look up who Paul Cambria is. Paul Cambria has represented Hustler for years, he is the attorney in Vivid’s Measure B lawsuit, he represented Stagliano in his obscenity case along with Lou Sirkin. Paul Cambria charges thousands of dollars just to pick up the phone. If this case is so weak, why is Paul Cambria deposing Katie Summers in two weeks? Seems like they could’ve gotten Allan Gelbard to handle such a piddly lawsuit.

I’ll tell you why Paul Cambria is on this case. John Stagliano is fucked and he knows it. Stagliano knows that the house of cards is crumbling all around him. His free pass to do what he’s been doing to girls for years is over. If not for the courage of Katie Summers to put herself out there to the media and be ostracized from the business and have people assault her credibility, John Stagliano would still be out there doing worse things. He might have already done worse things. We still don’t know what is going on with Sheena Shaw.

Katie Summers put herself out front in the beginning and has challenged this irresponsible creep. Luckily she escaped the more egregious activity of Stagliano putting metal objects in here anus and his bare hands in her orifices and her feet in his mouth. But there were many other women who weren’t so lucky. There were many other women who were put in potentially life threatening situations and were not told of John Stagliano’s condition. Evil Angel and Karen Stagliano have gone on record and stated that Stagliano’s sexual antics did not warrant him having to disclose his HIV status.

Do you guys understand the emotional distress of being bullied online? There are those who have committed suicide because of it. When Katie Summers brought this action against Stagliano, she was bullied, harassed, threatened from bloggers, from talent, from psychotic obsessed Buttman fans. Luckily, Katie Summers is a strong woman who was able to withstand this abuse. Weaker individuals might have taken a suicidal leap from the Golden Gate bridge. The emotional distress was that immense.

These things are gonna be sorted out in the coming weeks because not only is Katie Summers being deposed, but John Stagliano is going to have to go though a deposition, as are Karen Stagliano and Joey Silvera. Everybody who was involved who has known that John Stagliano has been putting talent in danger will all be deposed. They will all be asked why they never told anyone that their boss was putting talent at risk.

It’s going to be an exciting July. And maybe, just maybe we’ll get some answers from Sheena Shaw. Sheena Shaw could be the cherry on top of the Stagliano sundae. I think everybody in the business deserves to know if Sheena Shaw has any health issues as a result of her relationship with John Stagliano. I would think everybody would want to know if a girl who worked in the talent pool and had a relationship with an HIV positive man has any issues. I would think agents who are charged with protecting their talent would want to know. I would think that everybody would demand answers.

We want answers. Whether these answers are revealed in the upcoming depositions or whether Sheena Shaw has the intestinal fortitude to come forward, we will get those answers.

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