Sean and AdultFYI Honors Mr. Majito James Bartholet, Remy Lacroix with Awards

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We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The $15 Billion Industry award goes to Ledgemont Capital Group LLC.

The boutique investment bank filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to liquidate its assets, which it estimated at between $10 million and $50 million, according to court documents.

New York-based Ledgemont was a joint underwriter, along with Russian investment bank Renaissance Capital, of a scuttled, $460 million initial public offering by FriendFinder Networks Inc. that was originally planned for 2008.

Lucky for these guys that they are just dealing with a bankruptcy considering FriendFinder Networks eventually went public in 2011 after it named Imperial Capital and Ladenburg Thalmann & Co as its underwriters.

Since its IPO price of $10 a share, FriendFinder Networks the stock has plummeted to $.44 a share Friday morning.

The Ariel Castro award goes to Remy Lacroix.

Lacroix was interviewed by and was asked the question “Is it true you fantasize about being rape?”

Her answer? “I do. Forced sex I think is a natural, biological thing to think about, yes?”


Along those same lines, Ariel Castro wins the Creep of the Week award. He is accused of kidnapping, beating, and raping three young women held in captivity for almost 10 years in a Cleveland house.

I would guess those three women would beg to differ with Lacroix.

The Good Ship Lollipop award goes to James Bartholet.

Mr. Mojito posted the following tweet earlier this week: @JamesBartholet “We need more solidarity in the adult industry now, stop the bickering and backstabbing, and get together, it’s not over people.”

Then Mr. Mojito called Gene this week wanting his Galaxy ad taken down because AdultFYI was becoming “too negative.” [Well, fuck, there goes my hunk of the profit sharing around here.]

Then Rob Black took his turn with Mr. Majito by giving him The Retard of the Day award:

Come on, this industry was built on bickering and backstabbing. Most of the people in this business would sellout their mother [Happy Mother’s Day] for 5 bucks. And getting together? Oh, yeah, who could forget the industry coming together for the Henri Pachard project? Remember that clusterfuck? Do you realize it’s been five years and to my knowledge that production still hasn’t been released.

Mr. Mojito must stop giving false hope to the deaf, blind and stupid of the industry who can’t grasp the fact that the good old days are done. People have two simple options: keep things statuesque and die or sellout to Manwin’s Cartel and die a little later.

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