Sean Awards the Stories of the Week: Farrah Abraham, Exxotica Fan Choice Awards, FSC, and the Video of the Week

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Mother of the Year award goes to D-list reality star and porn industry washout, Farrah Abraham.

Last Sunday Abraham was spotted by TMZ [what a coincidence] walking into the offices of Papa Smurf Inc. to negotiate a possible deal for her hapless sex tape. In tow was Abraham’s proud father and [wait for it]…. her child.

After Abraham and family left, TMZ interviewed Papa Smurf.

In his mousey little voice Smurf related that even he was taken aback by the presence of her child. Smurf made a point of mentioning that the little girl wasn’t actually in the meeting. Knowing how screwed up her mother is I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid wasn’t negotiating her own futures contract with Smurf Inc.

The Can’t Buy Me Love but You Can Buy an Award award goes to the Exxotica Fan Choice Awards.

In a presser announcing the winners of the first Exxotica Fan Choice Awards, they also thanked the awards’ fine sponsors: Chaturbate,, Vape World, Cam4, and

And the winners?

Webcam Site of the Year –

Studio of the Year – Vivid Entertainment

Best New Product – Vape World

Best Branding –

Website of the Year –
As for why didn’t get an award: apparently they didn’t have a ‘Best Prostie Website’ category this year.

The Edward Smith award, given in memory of RMS Titanic’s captain, goes to the adult industry’s head spokesperson and chief lackey, Diane Duke.

Riding high after defeating Measure B and California’s Condoms in Porn Bill (AB332) and by crushing Michael Weinstein and the AHF on all fronts, Duke and her lackeys posted the following question:

Should FSC continue with Free Speech Coalition, or change to a name that may better define it as a trade association (a name similar to other trade associations, like the MPAA or RIAA)? Or should FSC stay with its longtime name, so as not to sacrifice name recognition or lose history attached to the name?

Yes, I believe a name change would be a positive. Something that encompasses everything the FSC brings to the adult industry.

How about: WISOFF – Worthless-Inept-Senseless-Obtuse-Fucking-Failure….commonly known as whiz-off.

The video clip of the week comes from Spain.

A Spanish politician and one hot MILF, Olvido Hormigos, quit her job after a home-made porn movie was leaked online. She branded the leak “an attack on her privacy” and quit her job “out of respect for her family and to her party, the PSOE.”

She revealed she’d sent the video to a footballer with whom she’d been having a relationship.

“The only thing I want is that the footballer, the recipient of the video with whom I was with for three months and now walks through the town as if nothing has happened, pays,” she said.

Well, Sweetheart, he gets the last laugh: watch the clip here –

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