Sean Awards the Stories of the Week: Oh, Did You Hear? Rob Black Has an Internet Radio Show

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

Imagine for a second if Quentin Tarantino where to direct an online radio show hosted by an over-caffeinated character with the voice of Danny Bonaduce and the vocabulary of Samuel L. Jackson. It would be a veritable stream of ‘cocksucker’ and ‘motherfucker’ rants directed at everything under the sun.

Now incorporate that vision and mix it with the adult film industry and you have The Rob Black Show.

Listening to Rob’s show is like watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Corvette: you can’t help but cringe and smile at the same time. That is of course if you’re not the one he is verbally pounding into a fine dust.

Here are a few of Rob’s recent targets.

Hustler’s Larry Flynt: “When I got busted, Larry Flynt, you motherfucker, you hypocrite cocksucker, you went on television and said, ‘Rob Black is bad for the business.”

Bill Margold: “Bill, instead of talking shit about me why don’t you come on air and have a real debate with me? Why don’t you tell everybody why you hate me. Because I got a whole bunch of history about you, man. Tom Byron’s filling me in about when you went on the Rona Barrett show, talking about how you were performing with your fucking child. And you say I’m crazy? You’re a fucking lunatic!”

LA Weekly: “You [Bill Margold] fuck, but I’m going to give you this. Your paper has more credibility than LA Weekly because you actually have to pay a quarter for it. LA Weekly, you stupid fucks, start listening to my show and you can understand about the porn business.”

The Huffington Post & Mike South: “Huffington Post, same thing. Listen to my show, and you can understand about the porn business. You’ll understand who the players are. This is stuff Mike South won’t even tell you. Because Mike South is Mr. Inside? Bullshit. It’s all bullshit. I never heard you talk about Stagliano. I never heard you talk about Evil Angel.”

Manwin: “Manwin came in- they’re foreign terrorists,” expounded Black.

“Brazzers was started. Middle Eastern. Fact. Terrorists. The guys who attacked 9/11. The guys who attacked 9/11 were Middle Eastern. Bin Laden had protection from the Saudis. Manwin, Brazzers the whole thing was started by terrorists.

“Oh, Rob, I’m told by the end of the day Manwin is owned by German conglomerates,” Black said in a mocking voice.

“Really? The second worst enemy to America, the motherfuckers that…” Black next talked about extermination.

“Six million of my fellow friends and Jewish comrades.”

“So it was from the Middle Easterns, the Saudis and the goddamn terrorists, all the way to the German fucking underground gangsters.”

Veronica Hart: “She told people that I was a misogynist and hated women and that I was going to bring heat down on the business. She protested when I won my Best Director award at AVN. She said she was appalled that I was in the business. And here we are years later.”

Diane Duke: “Why are all we hearing from is Steve Hirsch and Diane Duke. When’s the last time Diane Duke had a penis in her ass? Huh?

“When has Diane Duke put her fucking body on the line? When has Joanne Capistrano done a fucking anal creampie? Tell me. How is it that Steve Hirsch, Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano, that’s it. Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano are going to be your leaders and all they are are corporate pushers who make more money than you. They make six-figures telling the people about you, and you make $20,000 a year.”

There are others Black continues to eviscerate while he leaves these warnings: “Get ready you cocksuckers because I’m going to blast the fuck out of it. I’m going to shake the fucking foundation of your fucking house. Remember what you did to me for eight years? All I got is my mind, the product I can still create from wrestling on down, and my voice for speaking the truth.”

The hardest hit target, however, was adult actress Brooklyn Lee. She took umbrage to Black’s monologue about how with his help she became an industry star. She made the mistake of questioning not only Black’s view of those events but also attempted to attack Lizzy Borden’s industry credentials. During Black’s Friday show he systematically dismantled Brooklyn Lee with facts, stories and courtroom exhibits to prove the point that Lee’s not only “stupid” but “a liar.”

If you like television shows such as ‘When Animals Attack’ and ‘Shark Week’ you’ll really enjoy listening to Black lobotomize those he deems worthy both in and out of the porn industry.

This week’s winner of the Norman Einstein award is Sharon Feuer, an agent for Blockbuster Locations.

Some homeowners in the unincorporated portion of Newbury Park are up in arms over an adult film shoot in their neighborhood. Residents caught wind of the production last month when Feuer distributed fliers in Newbury Park requesting furnished homes outside Los Angeles County for adult-rated filming.

“Prefer new homes ideally that are private and at least 2,300 square feet and larger,” it said. “A house with natural light and a private yard is also a big plus.”

“I hope this doesn’t get blown out of proportion,” she said. “(The cast and crew) try to be extremely discreet.”

I see no reason why citizens would be upset: people distributing fliers offering as much as $2000 to shoot fuck films in their quiet suburban neighborhoods shouldn’t be concerned at all. Nothing like keeping a low profile.

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