Sean Looks at The Week of 07/01/2012: Belladonna Wins the We’ll Leave the Light On For You Award; Tera Patrick Gets the Michael Jackson Never Can Say Goodbye Prize

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The We’ll Leave the Light on for You award goes to Belladonna.

This week Belladonna announced via Twitter that she’s hanging up the blades and is retiring the ax [fans of the movie Slap Shot get the joke].

“I am no longer interested in having sex on camera,” Belladonna tweeted at approximately 10:30 am, Monday. “That chapter of my life is finished. I’m ready for my next challenge.”

This is not the first time Belladonna has sworn off porn performing; she made a similar announcement in 2007, only to revoke it a month later, and she took an unofficial hiatus of nearly two years between 2009 and 2011 before returning in multiple 2012 AVN Award nominee Spontaneass.

With the economy still in the shitter, we’ll expect Belladonna to make her triumphant return to porn by Labor Day.

As the companion piece to Belladonna’s prize, Tera Patrick gets the Michael Jackson Never Can Say Goodbye Award. This one goes to porn performers who have sworn retirement but, like, Brett Favre, manage to circumvent the definition of the word time and again. And with great fanfare Sinister X Syndicate welcomes Patrick with open arms.

The Quote of the Week goes to porn performer, Paige Little.

In an article published by the Huffington Post, Little shot off this little gem when discussing Octomom’s entrance into the porn industry:

“It was only after she filed for bankruptcy that she said yes. What changed her mind? It had to be the money. Money should never be the main factor for getting into this business.”

Little continued, “Getting into porn is a life-changing experience,” she said, who claims she got into the business because she enjoys having sex on camera.

Just because you film it doesn’t mean you have to sell it. Come on, it’s always about the money.

The Maserati Repo Award goes to Tito Ortiz. It was announced that Tito, win, lose or draw in his MMA fight tonight with Forrest Griffin stands to collect a guaranteed $250,000. Minus the $107,000 Jenna owes Maserati, that’s still not too bad.

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