Sean Looks at The Week of 08/12/2012: 7 Awards This Week….Maybe One of Them Belongs to You

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The God Loves Me, God Loves Me Not award goes to a busty cam girl losing her mind during a work session after chat room visitors called her names.

Her breakdown includes yelling, crying, and exclaiming “God forgot about me” and some other very unkind words directly at her loyal viewers.

It’s safe to say these breakdowns occur frequently throughout Porn Valley: usually late at night after a performer starts to reflect on her starring role in an anal gangbang or bukkake, but to actually catch it live and in color is quite the spectacle.

The Media Whore award goes Sara Jay and Angelina Castro. Pornhub also wins a Media Whore award along with the coveted Big Chief Fabian Thylmann Indian Giver award.

Currently unemployed NFL wide received Chad Johnson mentioned in an interview a few weeks ago that if he lost his pro football job he’d probably become a porn star to make ends meet. After Chad head-butted his soon to be ex-wife, the Miami Dolphins [moment of silence for Wankus] tore up his lucrative contract and sent him packing.

Stepping forward to fill Chad’s cash void are this week’s award winners.

Sara Jay & Angelina Castro announced they are offering Chad a job in porn: proposing to shoot a celebrity adult video. Pornhub offered a measly $100k for Chad and his soon to be ex-wife to star in a ‘makeup’ video.

Pornhub wins the Big Chief Fabian Thylmann Indian Giver award as a result of the fact on Friday they rescinded their offer to Chad on the excuse that he had assaulted his wife. That’s a pretty lame excuse this late into the game since the REASON the Dolphins had cut him to begin with was BECAUSE he head-butted his WIFE. Geez, read the full story for once.

Yeah, uh, not surprisingly, Chad’s camp hasn’t responded to either offer at this time. However, all the award winners accomplished their goal of getting some cheap press coverage. It’s humorous in respect that apparently two women don’t mind offering a job to an alleged woman beater. Again, another black eye for the industry: Nice job, idiots.

The Quote of the Week goes to Anthony Alvarez, attorney for Bang Brothers’ porn star and animal sacrifice specialist, Raul Armenteros, aka Ramon or The Monster.

Raul pleaded guilty to 21 counts of cruelty to animals recently, a year after he was nabbed for having 21 farm animals in his overheated van.

In trying to defend his client, Alvarez said, “These were not for acts of violence but religious rituals,” he said. “There’s a lot of hypocrisy here. The same people who were screaming about this are probably having a steak right now.”

Nice try, Attorney Alvarez, but most people don’t start the cooking process by placing a live animal in an overheated van.

The Marc Wallice Improvisational award goes to a male porn star who worked three times with a doctored STI test during the past three weeks.

The performer was on Shy Love’s Adult Talent Managers roster until earlier this week. He admitted to working while knowing he was positive with syphilis.

To whomever this clown is: thank you for giving the industry another black eye, numb nuts.

The George H. W. Bush Read My Lips award goes to Jenna ‘Boozie McBoozehound’ Jameson.

Boozie was arrested after the single-car accident early in the morning on May 25th.

According to law enforcement, Boozie blew a .13 and had two prescription drugs in her system at the time of her arrest — zolpidem (Ambien) and buprenorphine (Suboxone) after she ran her vehicle into an unsuspecting light pole.

She was also charged with one count of driving without a valid license. Along with not paying taxes I guess Boozie failed to inform the police that rich people get to drive with an outdated license as well.

TMZ reported in June that Boozie INSISTS she was not under the influence and pleaded not guilty to DUI.

This week TMZ again reported that Boozie did an about-face and pled guilty. She was sentenced Thursday to 3 years informal probation — and was ordered to participate in a 3-month alcohol education program, as well as the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) program in O.C.

The Teacher of the Decade award goes to Brittni Nicole Colleps.

Ms. Colleps, a former English teacher at Kennedale High School in Texas, went that extra mile in helping educate several of her students.

Ms. Colleps was convicted this week of having group sex with four of her students in which she starred in a video gangbang of the event, also modeled lingerie and showed off her sex toys to her students and cooked a mean pot of spaghetti.

Ms. Colleps will be able to pick of her trophy in about 5 years.

Read the entire history of her case here:

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