Sean Looks at The Week of 08/19/2012: Mr. Marcus Wins the Tony Scott-Phyllis Diller-Scott McKenzie Award

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Tony Scott-Phyllis Diller-Scott McKenzie Award (they all died this week, so did Marcus’ career) winner is Mr. Marcus.

Mr. Marcus, the male performer at the center of the syphilis controversy, left a phone message earlier this week with Mike South.

“I just want to tell you that what I did wasn’t right,” says Marcus.

“My conscience is heavy. I’m way better than this.”

“I’m a big fan of this business,” he goes on to say. I’d always been grateful that I was a part of it. I should have shown it more respect and I apologize.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah…tell your story walking.

The Tommy Flanagan, Pathological Liar award goes to Julian St. Jox.

The fairytale begins: “Kim Caught With a Man — And a Woman!” blares the cover of Star, which claims Kim Kardashian had a “wild sex orgy” with two porn stars — 11 years ago.

How timely.

Anyway, the mag’s so-called “exclusive” comes from an adult film actor named Julian St. Jox, who alleges that he had a ménage à trois with the then-married reality star during a swingers party at the Wyndham Hotel in Los Angeles back in 2001.

I guess Julian was channel surfing recently and came across Kardashian’s show and said to himself, “Hey, I recognize that broad.”

Anyway, Kim’s people are calling bullshit on the story. Maybe the next time Julian should change the dates to make the story a little more relevant. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Quotes of the Week Award are shared by Lisa Ann and Joanna Angel who seem to have comedy writers in their respective entourages.

Angel was a subject of a NY Magazine piece this week. Estranged from James Deen, Angel has turned to [gasp] speed-dating. That’s sorta like speed-dialing except you get laid if you have the right number. In any event Joanna makes it clear to prospective two-minute suitors that she’s a porn star with comments like, “So in the morning,it would be like ‘bye honey I am going to work!’ But work means that I am getting nailed in the ass by a bunch of different people. Are you going to come home and eat dinner with me like that is cool? Because that is what I am looking for.”

This week Lisa Ann who’s dancing in Tampa for [gasp] Republicans actually had a couple of clever lines. She tells Miami New Times that she’s not really an actress but a “mattress actress; then, in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times she quips that working in porn is like “getting a tattoo on your face.”

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