Sean Looks at The Week of 08/26/2012: Mr. Marcus, Gene Ross, Bill Margold, Tanner Mayes, Houston and Lylith Lavey Bring Home Awards

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

An Open Letter to the Free Speech Coalition Board of Directors:

Dear Gang,

I want to take a moment to thank you for renewing Diane Duke’s contract through 2015.

You’ve guaranteed us three more years of entertaining and outstanding content for this site.

However, don’t you think a three year contract was a little too long? I mean with falling sales figures, government crackdowns, piracy and free tube sites leaving this industry on death’s doorstep, are you sure anyone will still be in business when her contract is up for renewal?

Keep on doing what you guys do best…which is absolutely nothing.



The Sounds Like Love to Me award goes to Tanner Mayes.

Tanner Mayes was arrested for drug possession earlier this year. Now is reporting that Mayes was earlier this week twittering accounts of how her boyfriend supposedly stabbed her and how she stabbed him back, etc. and that she’s being held prisoner.

Ah, isn’t porno love grand.

The Kodachrome award goes to Mr. Marcus.

The old saying of a picture equals a thousand words, in a scene from Bang Bros. shot the end of June, Marcus is working with Lylith Lavey, and, like the concentric rings on a tree, his cock stem is just full of STD history.

The picture tells the entire story. Just like in the Lara Coxx case, one is reminded of how Roxx showed up on set featuring a gnarly ass and a butthole full of pus begging the question who in their right mind would have had sex with her that day.

Follow the below links to see the picture and the actually scene live and in color…if you have the stomach for that sort of thing.

The Get Out the Vote award goes to Gene Ross.

As the presidential election and the condom referendum quickly approaching, civic pride was pumping through Gene’s veins [along with way to much Starbucks] this week when he proposed an industry-wide vote on the condom issue.

Gene wrote: ‘The November ballot may render the whole point moot, anyway, but shouldn’t the industry know how the talent feels about the issue? I say have a referendum and allow talent to vote anonymously. That at least ends the argument once and for all.’

A grand and noble suggestion on Gene’s part, however, I suspect it would be easier to herd a room full of cats into a cardboard box then getting porn stars to vote on anything.

The Dr. Howard Dr. Fine Dr. Howard award goes to Bill Margold.

In his gallant, yet utterly futile, attempt to provide cover for Mr. Marcus, Bill suggested that Marcus may just have a case of Keloids and not syphilis.

Considering the fact that Marcus admits to testing positive for syphilis, Margold may have to go to Mars to get an audience for that theory.

God knows I’m no Dr. Mitchie, but in viewing cases of syphilis and Keloids it appears they are about as similar as apples and pair of ankles.

The Brett Favre and Roger Clemens award goes to former and now once again current porn star, Houston.

This week it was announced that Houston, best known for her gangbangs, has returned to porn after a ten-year hiatus to perform in a hardcore sex scene for

“I definitely wanted to make sure that if I was to come back and perform, it would be with the right company, and the right actor,” Houston said in a press release.

That’s code for the money ran out and Brazzers tossed me a bone.

The Hershey Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year award goes to Lylith Lavey.

While sucking Mr. Marcus’ stage 2 syphilis infected dick, Lylith does a fine job of promoting Hershey and the candy company’s various attractions. She discusses the tour of the Hershey factory, the amusement park and the park’s roller coasters, which she talks about in between attempts to deep throat Marcus, as the best on the East Coast.

Hershey couldn’t have asked for a better endorsement than that.

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