Sean Looks at The Week of 09/02/2012: Diane Duke and Mr. Marcus Add to Their Trophy Collections

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Take It Easy, Champ, Why Don’t You Stop Talking for a While award goes to Mr. Marcus.

In the puffiest of puff pieces, Nica Noelle conducted an interview with Mr. Marcus [printed by XBiz] that had more holes than deli Swiss. One more emerges.

Nica Noelle writes: “In the weeks that followed, Marcus would continue to puzzle over the spots on his hand – and to perform in adult films. He made no connection between what he thought were symptoms of “stress,” and his job as an adult film performer. He had a recent, clean test from Talent Testing Services obtained on June 13, which would remain valid until July 13. He used that test to perform during this time period.”

TTS announces: “We have list of all his testing…he did not test with us in June, period.”

The One Toke over the Line Sweet Jesus award goes to Diane Duke.

Some time ago Duke was advertising a secret plan to repel Michael Weinstein and his band of pro-condom/anti-porn wackos.

This week she divulged that plan and I gotta hand it to her, just when I figured it was impossible for her to act any more incompetent she raised the bar by hiring a staunch Republican to head up the fight to defeat Measure B, otherwise known as the condom referendum, on the November ballot.

Loyal readers, the closet analogy to this latest folly is if the NAACP hired a group of white supremacists to cater their annual banquet. It’s plan lunacy. Then again, from viewing Duke’s past track record we shouldn’t be surprised.


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