Sean Looks at The Week of 09/23/2012: Sasha Grey, Michael Weinstein and Frat Boys Get Trophies This Week

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Jim Beam Bottoms Up award goes to those wild frat boys at the University of Tennessee’s Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house.

After what can only be described is some homo-erotic activity called “butt chugging,” a 20-year-old college student was rushed to a Tennessee hospital after guzzling alcohol…via enema.

The hospital determined Alexander Broughton was suffering from alcohol poisoning with a blood-alcohol level at a life-threatening .40. He was reportedly treated and released over the weekend.

“The abundance of capillaries and blood vessels [in the rectum] greatly heightens the level and speed of the alcohol entering the blood stream as it bypasses the filtering by the liver,” Police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said in a statement Monday.

Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity released a statement saying the group tries to “develop men of integrity, intellect and high moral character.”

Yup, nothing says “high moral character” than having a tube filled with booze packed up your ass. Ah, college fun.

The George Bush Read My Lips award goes to Michael Weinstein.

Eight short years ago Weinstein apparently didn’t have any issues with the adult film industry and condoms.

He said, “There is no precedent in any state law for mandating the use of condoms, and I feel we should be careful before crossing that threshold… In the end, prohibition [of non-condom sex] does not work.”

As we all know now, Weinstein is the drum major leading the band of miscreants working to pass Ballot Measure B that would require the use of condoms for all acts of anal or vaginal sex during the production of adult films, as well as the posting of both the public health permit and a notice to performers regarding condom use.

The Peter Townsend Book Club Best Author award goes to Jerry Sandusky’s Victim #1.

Victim 1, has a book deal and will soon reveal his identity, a publisher announced Thursday.

Ballantine Bantam Dell said that “Silent No More: Victim (hash)1’s Fight for Justice Against Jerry Sandusky,” is coming out Oct. 23. The memoir will be co-written by the victim’s mother and psychologist and “will share how he survived years of shame and secrecy, harassment and accusation, before reporting Sandusky’s actions to the authorities, and will offer a hopeful and inspiring message for victims of abuse,” Ballantine announced.

The William Faulkner Is Rolling in His Grave award goes to Sasha Grey [Pictured].

We can all thank Grand Central Publishing in the U.S. and Little, Brown in the U.K. for giving Baby Einstein [Grey] the opportunity to, as Baby Einstein said, “create my own world, my own characters, my own story, and express my own vision with publishers who are just as passionate about the subject matter as I am.”

That’s right, these two publishing companies felt compelled to give Baby Einstein a book deal. But look on the bright side: when she’s done writing the book it will equal the exact number of books she’s READ in her life…one.

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