Sean Looks at The Week of 10/07/2012: Who Received Awards This Week? Better Question: Who Didn’t?

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Sean writes – Proposition B will be defeated in spite of this week’s boneheaded moves by the Free Speech Coalition.

We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Sometimes You’re the Hammer and Sometimes You’re the Nail award goes to Mike South.

Robert Moran, owner of 101 Modeling, issued a statement on Monday regarding a recent story in which South claimed that Moran had sold his agency to Manwin.

“The rumors about Manwin buying the agency are not true,” Moran said. “We have never spoken to anyone about buying the company ever.”

A Manwin spokesperson also confirmed to XBIZ it had not acquired 101 Modeling. called Mike South the king of porn gossip. It would appear that the ‘king’ got the guillotine this week.

And to translate this award into redneck southern language so South and Paula Deen can understand it: The king done screwed the pooch on this one, y’all. Enjoy your perdy trophy.

Harold Hill, The Music Man award goes to James Lee.

During the “No on Measure B” fund raising campaign at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood, Monday night, James Lee was heard to say that he could defeat the measure with $750,000.

Facing certain defeat now that the Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians came out against Proposition B Monday, I would think the porn industry wouldn’t have to spend one dime to defeat this measure.

So then why would Lee toss out that $750,000 figure? It’s simple; Lee is looking for a major pay day. Lee knows just enough about the industry to be dangerous, yet he has fallen for the myth that the porn industry is swelling with money.

And let’s not leave the Free Speech Coalition unscathed. Hiring Lee to lead the fight against Proposition B shows that they are ill-equipped to fight a major battle. Packing up the microbus and taking a field trip to Sacramento for a photo-op on the steps of the state capital is one thing but taking on real mainstream issues they have proven time and again that this glorified student council is completely out of their league.

So when this proposition is defeated, Lee and the FSC will celebrate and pat each other on the back and extol their virtue. Yet the truth of the matter is this proposition will be defeated because of lack of support by political parties outside this industry.

From the I Wish I Was a Divorce Attorney File comes this story: A state judge declined to block the release of names of men accused of giving business to a fitness instructor charged with running a prostitution operation out of her Zumba fitness studio, and police in this seaside town prepared Friday to reveal the first batch of identities.

The Fan of the Year award AHF attorney Brian Chase.

During a debate with Diane Duke earlier this year concerning the condom issue, Brian gave us this gem: “I don’t want the adult industry to leave [California]. I like adult films. I think adult films make people happy. They are a good thing.”

Dumbass Quote of the Week goes to Diane Duke.

During the same debate with AHF attorney Brian Chase, Duke tried to compare rules that mainstream Hollywood encounters to those the porn industry may face if Prop B passes.

She said, “We don’t have people jumping out of buildings. We’re not lighting people on fire. We have people making love.”

Making love, Diane? Really? Have you WATCHED an adult movie lately? Now, I consider myself a romantic kind of guy, but do you really believe that gang-bangs, ATMs, and bukkakes, just to name a few genres is considered ‘making love?’ If so, I wanna party with you sometime, cowgirl.

Christ, how stupid can a person get.

The Dean Wormer Honorarium award goes to James ‘Mr. Fung’ Lee and the No on Measure B camp.

Calling a $2500.00 payment to Mr. Marcus an honorarium is laughable. Call it what it was: hush money.

And to justify the payment by saying the AHF had contacted Mr. Syphilis and offered him ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ to join their side in the condom fight, well that too is laughable.

AHF said that while they did contact Mr. Syphilis he was not offered any money. Lies you say? Chew on this: Mr. Syphilis showed utter disregard for his co-stars and this industry knowingly working with that STD, don’t tell me he wouldn’t have taken AHF’s ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ versus a measly $2500.

Congratulations, morons, you bid against yourself for Mr. Syphilis’ silence.

By paying Mr. Syphilis even one penny at all is a direct slap in the face to those that lost money during the syphilis outbreak.

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