Sean Looks at The Week of 10/14/2012: Sending Our Love to James Lee, Manwin, Jenna Jameson and Rapper Mystikal

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Seka Mathematical Institute award goes to James ‘Mr. Fung’ Lee and the Free Speech Coalition.

The old saying goes: Liars figure and figures lie. Case in point is Mr. Fung and the FSC’s assertion that only 280 porn stars live in LA County and that there are a total of 1,266 performers nationwide.

The numbers just don’t add up since Sharon Mitchell’s clinic, AIM [moment of silence], bragged up the fact they tested 1,200 actors monthly. I highly suspect that back in the day 1,000 actors nationwide would not make a sojourn to Porn Valley to get tested.

The First Lesson You’ll Learn in Porn is You’re Going to Get Ripped Off award goes to Michael Lawrence Tyler, known in the rap community as Mystikal.

TMZ reported this week that Mystikal says he’s taking one last stab at the music biz before he gives up and turns to porn as his next career. They also reported that his favorite porn star, Pinky, has agreed to have sex with him on film.

However, taking a page from some slime ball porn producers and directors, Pinky says she would gladly film a sex tape with him FOR HER WEBSITE but because Mystikal is currently an “amateur” he will not get paid … “no matter how good he is in bed.”

Welcome to the porn industry, Mystikal. You’re already being taken for a sap.

The Chicago Way award goes to Manwin.

Cigar smoke filled back room deals and envelopes stuffed with cash are the Chicago Way to influence votes. Hey, it’s part of life. However, the money is passed from US citizens to other US citizens with no foreigners.

This week the AHF claimed that Manwin had the biggest donation for the industry’s official No on Measure B campaign, according to public records. The company gave $75,000.

The murky origin of the funds for the donation raises serious questions about money from a foreign porn cartel possibly being directed to an election campaign in the United States–an illegal act that constitutes a felony.

If Manwin would have consulted, oh, I don’t know…maybe ME, after taking a large consulting fee, I would have suggested finding a shill, possibly Papa Smurf and Vivid, to make that donation. It’s all about the paper trail, Baby.

The Ronald MacTrump award goes the Jenna Jameson.

It was reported this week that Jameson turned out a proposal from a well-dressed man who offered her 10,000 dollars to join him in the private Champagne Room – at a top New York strip club.

“There was a mystery man – a ‘Mr Big’ – who wanted to take Jenna into the Champagne Room,” a source told the publication.

“He approached her and offered her 10,000 dollars, but she turned it down,” the source added.

I suspect the ‘mystery man’ was none other than Mr. Magoo who mistook the plastic-faced Jameson for The Duchess of Alba [pictured].

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