Sean Looks at The Week of 11/04/2012: XBiz, Diane Duke, Larry Flynt, Lily Cade and James Deen Aspired for Greatness This Week

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Figures Lie and Liars Figure award goes to XBiz.

On November 1st XBiz ran the following headline: “Poll: Adult Entertainment Industry Confident in Defeating Measure B.”

XBiz asked industry members, “Do you expect L.A. County’s Measure B to pass?” As of the Thursday before the vote, 59% had responded “Yes,” and 41% said “No.”

Gee, I was shocked by those results. That’s like polling fat kids if they like ice cream or not.

These are the real poll numbers the adult industry should be concerned about: Countywide, Measure B won by 56% to 42%, but the ballot initiative requiring condoms to be used during porn filming racked up huge margins in lower-income neighborhoods that are either heavily Latino, black or both, like East Los Angeles (67%); Inglewood (75%); Compton (76%); Los Angeles’ 8th City Council District in South L.A (76%); and Willowbrook, south of Watts (77%).

In contrast, neighborhoods voicing the most opposition to a condom requirement were higher-income areas that have significant white majorities. The “no” vote for the measure rose to 54% in Malibu, Ranchos Palos Verdes, Westlake Village and Sierra Madre; 55% in Calabasas, La Crescenta, and Topanga; 56% in Redondo Beach; 57% in Hidden Hills and Rolling Hills Estates; 58% in El Segundo; 59% in Manhattan Beach; and 60% in Hermosa Beach.

The Abbott and Costello Who’s On First award goes to current FSC chief executive, Diane Duke.

After Measure B won approval on Tuesday by a wide margin of 56% to 44%, Duke told Los Angeles County supervisors in a letter Wednesday that the law was unconstitutional and that it fell under state jurisdiction, not that of local government.

May I remind Duke that California workplace laws mandate the use of condoms by porn performers? So really what Duke is saying is the industry should be able to continue to violate state law rather than have to violate this new local law.

The Another Bright Idea award goes to Lily Cade.

The passage of Measure B by more than 55 percent of voters Tuesday was met with swift warnings by representatives of the industry, who said they would not only fight the law in court but also look into other cities and states where they could continue to make films without condoms.

Lily Cade tweeted after the vote, “Hey porn peeps, Pasadena isn’t covered by Measure B…want to rent my house? Cute Pasadena Craftsman.”

Pasadena officials were caught off-guard by the suggestion that the business known for its ties to the San Fernando Valley might seek to move to the Crown City.

“They would still need a permit if they are doing that,” city manager Michael Beck said.

Nice try, Lily…better luck next time.

The Nowhere To Run award goes to Larry Flynt.

After Tuesday’s condom vote, Flynt announced, “We will continue to shoot in Mexico, the desert, Hawaii, etc., with no additional expenses, because, instead of shooting one or two girls a week, we’ll shoot a dozen,” said he said.

Put your lei way, Larry, unless you’re interested in seeing the inside of a Hawaiian jail cell.

The Hawaii statute regarding porn says the following:

§712-1214 Promoting pornography. (1) A person commits the offense of promoting pornography if, knowing its content and character, the person:

(a) Disseminates for monetary consideration any pornographic material; or

(b) Produces, presents, or directs pornographic performances for monetary consideration; or

(c) Participates for monetary consideration in that portion of a performance which makes it pornographic.

(2) Promoting pornography is a misdemeanor. [L 1972, c 9, pt of §1; gen ch 1993]

The Quote of the Week goes to James Deen.

In an interview with The Daily Beast this week Deen said the following: “Florida, and I believe Arizona as well, said something about wanting the billion-dollar industry. That’s going to be a huge hit to Los Angeles.”

No, James, what Arizona said to the adult industry a long time ago was ‘fuck you.’

We guess Deen didn’t read where Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery threatened to prosecute adult filmmakers fleeing the condom laws of Los Angeles.

Montgomery also considers porn shoots prostitution:

Then in a July 17, 2012 Phoenix New Times piece, candidates running for office said they wanted to see people going to prison for selling porn.

Then we had lawmakers in Arizona attempting to pass HB 2549 which would have censored electronic speech

Then you have The Center for Arizona Policy which will meet you at the state line:

In other words, before making blanket statements to the press, you might want to check first with the AdultFYI archives.

Oh, and as for Florida, Michael Weinstein can buy an airline ticket to Miami just as easily as you can.


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