Sean Looks at The Week of 11/11/2012 in Review; Awards This Week: Newbie Trinity St. Clair, Come on Down

We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The $92,000 Golden Suppository award goes to Jenna Jameson.

This week a DuPage County judge entered a $92,000 judgment against adult film actress Jenna Jameson for failing to show up for two personal appearances last year at theaters in the west suburbs Chicago.

Jameson did not appear in court, and was not represented by counsel. She had previously been represented by a local attorney, but he later withdrew, so Jameson lost by default.

The theater had paid her travel expenses and agreed to pay Jameson a $10,000 fee to appear at group’s two theaters in March 2011 in conjunction with showings of a movie in which Jameson starred called “Zombie Strippers!”

But Jameson, citing illness, backed out less than 48 hours before the event. The lawsuit later filed by the theaters said Jameson was videotaped at Perez Hilton’s birthday party the same weekend she was to appear in DuPage County.

“She was too sick to come to Illinois. She seemed fine in Hollywood,” theater attorney Kevin Mahoney said.

A $92,000 hit to the pocketbook? Wow, that’ll leave a mark.

The Ralph Wiggum Me Fail English? That’s Unpossible award goes to Trinity St. Clair.

This week St. Clair tweeted: “I’m shocked that Channing Tatum was named the sexiest man alive. I didn’t think he could beat Mitt Romney, I mean that guy is pretty sexist.”

Maybe St. Clair wanted to say Mitt is pretty ‘sexy?’ Then again, maybe she’s smarter then I give her credit. Maybe, just maybe, she was making a sneaky political statement by saying Mitt was actually a sexist by leaning hard right and wanting to squelch women’s rights.

Hummm…a clever pornstar? I guess anything is possible. Nah.

The Rosa Parks of Porn award goes to James Deen.

After Measure B was passed Deen was interviewed by the Huffington Post in which he said:

“We are much like the homosexual, minority or female populations. We are a community of tax-paying and law-abiding voters who are currently being persecuted. But our opinions do matter, and I hope one day we get respect, as these previously stated groups and others have begun to receive.”

Deen couldn’t be more correct. I’ve found several examples of this senseless porn star persecution as I walked the streets the other day.

The first blatant example was a public drinking fountain with a sign above it reading ‘Porn stars Only.’ Then there was the sign saying that porn stars must sit in the back of the bus.

Who can forget the images on the news of the young porn stars being harassed by police as they attempted to enroll in an all-white school?

Then there is the nationwide discrimination of porn stars. Currently only 9 states recognize the rights of porn stars to marry. And currently porn stars receive less pay for the same work their male co-workers are paid.

And a moment of silence for the 3 anti-condom civil rights workers killed because they were simply trying to help porn stars register to vote.

Oh, the travesty of this persecution.

James Deen is an idiot equating porn stars to people who have truly suffered real discrimination. Here’s some free advice: keep your dick hard and your mouth shut and don’t forget to Jimmy-Up in LA County.

The Zero Mostel award goes to the Broadway play, The Performers.

Sex may sell but tickets to plays based on the porn industry apparently do not. If you don’t believe me, just ask Henry Winkler, the Fonz.

After only five days on Broadway, The Performers will be shut down.

Taking to his page to announce the news, Winkler writes, “Well sad but true The Performers is closing this Sunday the 18th of nov SO If u are coming you have 5 more shows to chose (sic) from Love, Henry.”

Ironically, the Happy Days star revealed last month that he wouldn’t unpack his suitcases until the critics had their say on the show.


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