Sean Looks at the Week of 1/17/2010 In Review; Janine The Norman Einstein Winner

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The Janine Lindemulder Dope of the Week winner is Robert Smith. This lard-ass claims he paid a hooker $150 and then she refused to perform the service or give his money back. Believing that a crime was committed, this dope called the police. After an investigation, police agreed with our dope that in fact a crime was committed: they are both now up prostitution charges.

A special class action dope award goes to the men who fell for a guy masquerading on the Internet as fashion model Bree Condon. As the story goes, Justin Brown had been impersonating Condon online and on the telephone for years. In his high pitched voice he would ply these dopes with sob stories and these Captain Save-A-Ho idiots would send this guy thousands of dollars. Only after a dope doctor from Miami gave $15,000 to “her” did he get suspicious and contact the police. A grand jury indicted Brown last week on a felony theft charges.

This week’s Sasha Grey Media Whore Award winner is Amy Fisher. To garner some cheap publicity for her fledgling stripper career in the wake of a human tragedy, the Long Island Lolita issued a press release claiming that she would donate “a portion of her earnings” from her gig this weekend to Haiti’s disaster relief.

The Dumbass Award winner is this country’s first legal gigolo, “Markus.” This dumbass compared his struggle to become a legal gigolo to that of Civil Rights hero, Rosa Parks.

“Markus” said: “Basically this is the first time in the economy of the United States that a male has actually stood up and said, ‘I want to do this for a living.”‘And be protected under law to do it. It’s just the same as when Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front instead of the back. She was proclaiming her rights as a disadvantaged, African-American older woman. And I’m doing the same.”

His statement is so off base in so many ways, it’s pitiful. Rosa Parks was protesting racial injustice and inequality concerning an entire race of people. It was more than just protesting her right to sit in the front of a fucking bus. She, along with many others, helped spur passage of equal rights laws that affect this nation today. In some odd way, some may say that their fight for equality helped this dumbass have the right to be a gigolo: if a woman can be a legal hooker in Nevada why not a man. Instead of comparing himself to Rosa Parks, maybe this dumbass should thank her. Then again, if she were still alive, I hope she would look him in the eyes and say, “Get off my lawn, you dumbass.”

The Slim Jim Mother of the Year award goes to Julia E. Laack. Psycho Mom was captured on surveillance video stealing beef jerky and a lighter from a convenience store. When police came to her home, Psycho Mom told officers they couldn’t arrest her because she was going to be naked and then stripped to her underwear as her children stood by.

Police disagreed with her and while placing her under arrest, she attempted to kick one officer in the rocks and then she spit into a female officer’s mouth. As an encore, while in the police car, Psycho Mom exposed her bare ass against the rear window and told the female officer her children are going to die. Not surprisingly, she blew a 0.11 at the police station. This week Psycho Mom was sentenced to 6 months in prison for her effort.

The Adultfyi Hero Award goes to Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza. This week the judge ruled that child rapist Roman Polanski must return to the U.S. to be sentenced in a decades-old sex case. Get your wrinkly old ass back here Roman and face the music, you creep.

She has more Dope awards than Peter North has hair plugs, so this week Janine Lindemulder is our Norman Einstein award winner. She was told as part of her parole agreement not to associate with felons, to stay out of pornography, and to live in a halfway house; she violated all three conditions.

She married convict Jeremy James Aikman, whom she met in one halfway house. She has been kicked out of two halfway houses and continues to perform in explicit nightly Webcasts, she told an Orange County court commissioner last month.

Way to go, Einstein: enjoy your four months in a halfway house in Oregon and be thankful your ass isn’t back in prison. I don’t think this recent turn of events will help in your custody battle with your ex-husband and his wife, Sandra Bullock. Fucking Genius!

Belated Birthdays – Dr. Mitchie Mitchell [58] 01/18, Ava Devine [36] 01/22, Bionca Seven [45] 01/22, Harmony Bliss [36] 01/22, Veronica Vanoza [28] 01/23

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