Sean Looks at The Week of 12/09/2012: Der Bossen Fuehrer and Ron Jeremy Reach the Victory Circle this Week

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Ich bin ein Tax Cheat award goes to Manwin’s Der Bossen Fuehrer, Fabian Thylmann [pictured].

Der Bossen Fuehrer was arrested this week on charges that the adult entertainment conglomerate has evaded taxes in Germany.

“Mr. Thylmann [Der Bossen Fuehrer] currently sits in Belgium in protective custody,” Belgian authorities told, noting that the arrest warrant was signed in Cologne, Germany.

It’s too early to speculate on if Der Bossen Fuehrer will be spreading his wit and wisdom at the AVN Expo in January or if he’ll continue to fund the FSC. One can only speculate on the future of Manwin’s vast industry holdings, but the future doesn’t look too bright.

The Shelley Lubben award goes to former Aussie porn star, Nikki Stern.

Stern wrote a book in which she described her porn life as living in a sexless, emotionally abusive marriage with an alcoholic whose separate bedroom was a filthy hoarder’s den of porn magazines, leaking baby-oil containers, sex toys, enema kits, used tissues and empty wine casks.

In the book she admits to watching very little porn yet she gives her opinion on it:

“Undoubtedly a lot of porn, especially in the States, is totally exploitative,” she says.

“The women are very young or on drugs and they don’t have any residual rights, they just get a lump of cash for the day’s work, they don’t have any share of the copyright or the royalties or anything like that. But there are women who have made a conscious decision. Who, like me, would say, ‘I’ve got this asset – my body – and there’s a demand for it. Why shouldn’t I make use of that and exploit myself?’ It can be a very easy way of making a lot of money.”

The Taps award goes to The Colonel, Dave Cummings.

No, he isn’t dead. Dave is still alive and well in San Diego. However, his monthly newsletter is toes up. Kaput. DOA. History.

Dave blamed the lack of porn production along with porn piracy as the main reasons in his decision to shut down “From The Trenches.”

I’ll miss the Colonel’s spin on the industry: His stories of wanton sex at swinger’s parties: His whacky fables of sex with 20-something year old women that he apparently didn’t pay for. Ah, yes, his Penthouse Forum-like stories with a geriatric point of view will not be easily missed.

Always remember, Colonel, old porn stars never die, they just should have quit about 30 years earlier. Hint, hint, Nina Hartley.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum award goes to Ron Jeremy.

I’m always leery about people approaching me with a once in a life time business proposal: a sure fired, can’t lose, 10,000 stars can’t miss.

Exhibit A is a presser encouraging fans of the Hedgehog to become a business partner with him in the rum business.

‘Think Big!’ It goes on to explains: ‘To finance the expansion of Ron de Jeremy Rum further, Ron is inviting all his friends to join the rum business with him. This is Crowd Investment with “cojones”.

‘Small investors in EU countries can now become owners of one of the most exciting spirits brands in the world and a real business partner with the Legend that is Ron Jeremy. We’re talking shareholder meetings with Ron Jeremy, lifetime bragging rights at your local bar and very cool owners’ only privileges.’

Wow, those perks sound great, don’t they?

One little thing they forgot to mention: what about the return on your investment? Profit sharing? Oh, of course, just knowing the Hedgehog is your business partner is reward enough. Uh, no thanks, I have a deal on a bridge in Brooklyn I’m working on.

The Fat, Drunk and Stupid award goes to William Ilg.

This dope claimed he had been too drunk to handle money and should be refunded for a $28,109.60 tab he couldn’t remember racking up. Ilg also sought punitive damages in the suit.

Clear-thinking Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Manuel Mendez tossed out the complaint, writing that the club had no duty to protect Ilg from the consequences of his boozing.


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