Sean Looks at the Week of 12/20/2009 in Review; Tera Gets the Jenna Jameson I Hate Sex Award

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The Creep of the Week Award winner is retired CHP officer Lt. Stephen Robert Deck. This creep fancied himself a computer genius. Too bad for him he struck up a conversation with a 13 year old girl on line and arranged to have sex with her. It turned out the girl was an undercover policewoman.

Defense attorney Court Will acknowledged during the trial that his creep of a client tried to meet the fictitious 13-year-old girl named Amy, but argued the prosecution could not prove Deck had a “definite, unambiguous intent” to have sex with the girl that night. Somehow, however, he couldn’t quite explain to the jury why his client brought a digital camera, condoms and a key lime pie with him when he drove from Oceanside to Laguna Beach to meet “Amy.” I know, maybe they were going to celebrate a birthday and the creep couldn’t find any balloons at the local Walgreens. This creep faces up to four years in prison. That’s hard time for a retired cop and child molester. Pass the Preparation H and enjoy your time in prison, you creep.

The Jenna Jameson I Hate Sex Award goes to Tera Patrick. Tera is simply one of the best looking women to ever strut her stuff for the hardcore set. A naturally voluptuous vixen whose 36DD-24-34 curves are wonderfully well distributed along her 5’9” frame, Tera has become one of the most sought-after women in porn…too bad her soon-to-be ex-husband, Evan Seinfeld, revealed this week that she in fact hates sex. He is quoted this week as saying, “We barely had sex in our own marriage. Our marriage had a lot of holes in it [apparently not the ones he preferred], despite what she claims. She’s not a sexual person.” Wow, this world famous porn starlet who has men lusting after her doesn’t like to fuck? What a sham…I mean shame.

The Rob Spallone Take Matters In Your Own Hands Hero Award goes to ex-Playboy model Louise Glover. This week she was convicted of banging another woman’s head against a toilet up to 10 times and breaking her nose. During the trial the victim told the court: “I knew that my nose was broken because there was blood everywhere. But she just picked me up by my hair and pulled my body weight by my hair and did exactly the same thing again.” We love hot looking women who enjoy emphasizing their point during a minor disagreement and for that, she is our hero.

The Errol Flynn Hero Award winner is Evan Seinfeld. After Tera Patrick made a statement saying her marriage to Seinfeld failed because he would not give up appearing in porn flicks, he countered with his own statement: “While it was great that we were the ‘First Couple’ of porn, the fact is Tera hates the industry. She’s not a sexual person. We barely had sex in our own marriage. She’s desperate to break into the mainstream, and just wants to generate press. I didn’t choose porn over her. Our marriage had a lot of holes in it, despite what she claims. I chose freedom.” For finally saying what many have suspected for years, Evan Seinfeld is our hero.

The Mr. Ed Stud of the Week Award winner is Erick Rivera. As the story goes, workers at the Goshen, New York Historic harness track knew there was something wrong six months ago, when they’d arrive at work in the morning to find horses bridled and immobilized and smoking cigarettes. So police set up surveillance cameras to solve the mystery. After viewing the tape, police say the equestrian Don Juan had sex at least a dozen times with various fillies.

When asked for comment, one filly said: “I feel like I’m betrayed,” said Brown Betty, who first revealed her fling with Rivera to Us Weekly last week. “And all these other fillies . . . it’s just hurtful.” Buttermilk had this to say, “I didn’t even get a birthday card or a carrot or a lump of sugar,” the filly said. “I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart.” Both fillies have retained attorney Gloria Allred as legal council.

Rivera is now charged with sexual misconduct with an animal and burglary.

Belated Birthdays – Crissy Moran [34] 12/22, Erica Boyer [53] 12/22, Jersey Jaxin [28] 12/22, Rocki Roads [35] 12/22, Tia Bella [36] 12/25, Kristi Myst [35] 12/25, Cicciolina [58] 12/26, Shayla LaVeaux [40] 12/27,

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Sean: The way Seinfeld tells it: as for the sex with Patrick, she was about as cold as a nudist on an ice berg.

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Sean: When will Pink Visual issue a press release taking credit?

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