Sean Looks at the Week of 12/27/2009 in Review: The Wit and Wisdom of Tera Patrick

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The Dope of the Week Award winner is TMZ. After getting their asses kicked by with their coverage of Tiger Woods’ bimbo eruptions, these dopes needed to recapture the gossip headlines. They made a splash by publishing a black & white photo of what they claimed was then Senator John Kennedy on a yacht surrounded by a bunch of frolicking nude women. To bring credibility to their story they even mentioned that the photo had been analyzed by ‘”multiple experts,” including a forensic photo expert and two unnamed JFK biographers.’

It now appears that their “forensic photo expert” must have been Mr. Magoo because it turns out the photo, printed in color, actually was from a photo spread that appeared in the November 1967 issue of Playboy. The photo appeared in a story about Playboy’s “Charter Yacht Party: How to Have a Ball on the Briny with an Able-Bodied Complement of Ship’s Belles.”

TMZ should stick to taking pictures of celebrities walking the red carpet and leave trash journalism to the experts. Enjoy your trophy, you dopes.

The coveted Bull Shit Award, given to those individuals who exhibit extraordinary talent in shoveling the bovine excrement, is awarded this week to Tera Patrick.

Writing in her book the reason for her divorce to Evan Seinfeld she wrote: “I said to Evan, ‘I’m your wife, and that is the strongest bond two people should have, and that should come first. I’ve moved on from porn. And I want you to stop. You promised me you’d only do porn for a few years. Your few years are up.'” Isn’t that heartwarming?

During a later interview when asked to comment on the Tiger Woods saga she said: “Well, every guy cheats. Why not get a little on the side? Accept that, and you’re fine.” Later in that same interview, she was asked to give advice for someone entering the jizz bizz she said, “Treat it like a business.”

What have we learned from the sage wit and wisdom from Ms. Patrick? First, it is okay to cheat on your spouse as long as her name isn’t Tera Patrick. Therefore, fucking someone on film shouldn’t be considered cheating since porn is a business. That is, unless, you’re spouse is named Tera Patrick and she’s jealous of you fucking hot looking chicks. Accept that, and you’re fine.

The Better Late than Never award goes to Skeeter Kerkove.

Skeeter called Gene this week to relate a story concerning Tiger and his ex wife, Bridgette Kerkove. “The press has completely missed a story about Tiger Woods,” Skeeter told Gene: noting that back when she was the anal queen of the adult business, his ex wife was taking on all comers, including Tiger Woods, apparently. “Back then everybody wanted to fuck the anal queen Bridgette Kerkove in the ass,” says Skeeter.

According to Skeeter, madam Michelle Braun set up the meeting and Bridgette flew to New York to meet Woods at a hotel. Skeeter also pointed out that a lot of girls in the industry were doing Woods at the time and Bridgette was probably just one of many.

The Woods story broke in late November and Skeeter is just reporting his story now. Amazing, I guess he wanted to wait till after the big Tiger Woods’ bimbo Christmas rush. Enjoy your trophy, Skeeter. However, it may arrive about a month late.

This week’s winner of the Norman Einstein Award is Joey Delbert Midgett. While enjoying drugs and alcohol, Einstein’s girlfriend shot a sex video with another guy. Of course, Einstein didn’t get pissed at his girlfriend.

No, he wanted to save his two-timing girlfriend’s good name and decided to retrieve said tape from her movie making sex partner. Well, police reports indicate when Einstein approached her onscreen partner and demanded the tape wherein Einstein was told to go fuck himself. Einstein took offence and popped the guy in the melon with a .45. Sheriff’s detectives have charged Einstein with first-degree murder and armed burglary. His girlfriend remains free to continue whoring while this Einstein sits in jail.

Belated Birthdays – Alexis Amore 12/29, Blake Mitchell [47] 12/29, Angela Baron [47] 12/31, Delta White [28] 12/31, Holly Halston [35? Really?] 12/31, Jada Stevens [21] 12/31, Kaylan Nicole [37] 12/31, Kiara Diane [22] 12/31, Sinnamon Love [36] 12/31

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