Sean Looks at the Week of 1/31/2010 in Review; Joslyn James Gets the Douchebag Award

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The coveted Bull Shit Award, given to those individuals who exhibit extraordinary talent in shoveling the bovine excrement, is given this week to Vivid.

It was reported that a judge had given Janine Lindemulder permission to star in a movie for Vivid but the company has postponed the production until after Janine has finished serving her four month sentence in an Oregon halfway house for a parole violation. A Vivid spokeswoman said it was due to a technical issue surrounding the location of the filming. In other words, Vivid didn’t want to haul all their shit up to Oregon to shoot the flick.

Vivid receives this award for their claim that a judge actually gave permission for Lindemulder to appear in this flick. You see, one of her pesky terms for parole was that she wasn’t supposed to work in the porn industry. She violated that term, among others, and that’s why her ass is back in a halfway house now. It makes no sense why a judge would allow her to violate one of the terms for her parole therefore, I’m calling Bull Shit.

The Douche Bag Award goes to Joslyn James. This week she and her shark attorney, Gloria Allred, held a press conference in which James released 100 text messages sent to her by Tiger Woods. Whatever, that Tiger story is dying quickly.

James earns her award over her concerns about violence toward women regarding a Canadian company that placed her photo, along with the rest of Tiger’s bimbos, on golf balls: “I feel that it is wrong for a golf ball to have my picture on it because golfers hit their golf balls with a lot of force,” she said.

“As a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club in their hands hitting a ball with my photo on it.”

What a moronic statement. No, what really is upsetting this douche is that fact that she isn’t making any money off this novelty item. I am glad to see that she is concerned about violence but I wonder what her opinion is on child support. I’m guessing not much considering she is wanted by the state of Washington for being arrears by $12,677 in child support payments for a 10-year-old son who is in his father’s custody.

The Mr. Wipple Award, sponsored by Charmin, goes to Donny Long. This week Donny started a new blog and on it he takes several upstanding members of the adult community to task. One group that received the most pounding by the legendary wordsmith was the industry’s agents.

In response to Donny’s attack, Mark Spiegler posted a very unflattering clip of Donny in hardcore action. The scene starts out fine enough: until the close up shot… Sweet Baby Jesus! Somebody pass Donny the Charmin! I’m just glad the clip wasn’t shot in 3-D. The horror! The horror! That must have been one hell of a chili cook-off.

This week’s winners of the Norman Einstein Award are Elijah and Milo Peters. This set of gay twins decided to make some headlines by having gay bareback sex with each other on camera. I’m not up on the Slovak Republic’s obscenity and incest laws, but I suggest these two Einsteins don’t bring their show to the United States. If Max Hardcore and Rob Black went to jail on obscenity convictions, these two twinks may end up getting the electric chair.

The Fuck Me/Fuck You Award goes to L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and Steve “Papa Smurf” Hirsch.

During this long debate about requiring condoms on porn shoots, Papa Smurf, among others in the industry, has always fallen back on the following standard answer to the condom question: “If Los Angeles County chooses to enforce mandatory condoms, what you’ll see is all adult production leave California.”

After a county health official this week said requiring condoms on porn shoots in Los Angeles County would simply drive them outside L.A., Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said let them leave. “I don’t give a damn if they leave L.A. County,” he said. “This is not an industry that we want to protect and enhance.”

I understand real estate in Arizona is still kinda cheap. Maybe Papa Smurf should next press the issue about all the tax money the industry brings into California and LA County since the threat of moving doesn’t appear to have worked. Better yet, try that whole ‘porn going underground’ line of BS. That’ll really scare them.

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Alcohol and no farm animals: What the hell kind of prom is that?

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Cal-OSHA isn’t going to buy this at all.

> Steve Hirsch “Protecting” Shaquille O’Neal? – Hirsch claims just his love of Shaq and the Cleveland Cavs are what motivated him…Read the story here:

I understand Papa Smurf is the Shaquille O’Neal of his 5’ 6” and under league.

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