Sean Looks at the Week of 1/3/2010 in Review; Sasha “Einstein” will Save the Biz with “Tonality”

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Tiny Tim Lame-O Award goes to Steve Hirsch. It appears TMZ finally gets a story right. Papa Smurf contacted TMZ and reported that a woman approached Vivid and claimed she had a sex video of Tiger Woods. She said it was shot approximately two years ago. Papa Smurf told TMZ his people have seen 30 seconds of the video but is not confirming it’s Tiger on tape – Inspector Clouseau says he’s still trying to ID the players.

TMZ cuts Papa Smurf off at the knees by reporting that Tiger’s lawyers have already put out a threatening letter, stating they will go after anyone who tries to publish nude photos or videos of Tiger Woods. Also, there is no way such a video could be legally released without Tiger’s John Hancock. Sure, Papa Smurf gets a little media attention, but finally it appears someone in the mainstream press is catching on to all these cheap media stunts and is treating these stories as what they are: pretty lame.

The Tera Patrick Book of the Month award goes to Tiger bimbo, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo. This bimbo is looking for a big payday and in doing so to generate interest in a book deal, she claims she saw Tiger having sexual relationships with other men. She wants at least $1 million for her tell-all book deal in which she says she’ll also reveal Tiger’s “healthy appetite for arranged sex, threesomes, girls next door, girl-girl, and an answer to all the rumors surrounding Woods’ sexuality.” Well, I think the world already knows about Tiger’s affinity for the ladies: no news there. And for Tiger’s sexual relationships with men: I suspect liability issues just may come into play leaving legitimate publishers just a little nervous when considering buying the rights to her book.

The Douche Bag Award goes to Heidi Fleiss and Dennis Hof. It was reported that one of Heidi Fleiss’ brothers was killed in a swimming accident over the New Year. Unfortunately for him, his death coincided with Heidi’s appearance on the TV show “Celebrity Big Brother.”

The story goes on to say: The Hollywood madam considered pulling out of her commitment after the tragedy. But she was persuaded to go ahead with the C4 reality show by long-term love Dennis Hof. Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, said: “Heidi was so devastated she almost pulled out of Celebrity Big Brother. “She said, ‘I loved Jason. I don’t want to be disrespectful to him.’ I told her she needed to get away and stay busy so she does not have time to dwell on this awful thing.”

I can’t figure out who the bigger douche bag is: D-list celebrity Heidi Fleiss or Hof for talking her out of attending her brother’s FUNERAL just so she can get some cheap exposure. These two douche bags were made for each other.

The Creep of the Week winner is James Treanor. Police found 75 movies and more than 5,000 digital images of a child “clearly under the age of 12” engaged in sexual acts or in sexual poses on Jimmy’s computer. When asked, Jimmy explained to police his interest in child pornography as a “fantasy” and a remedy for boredom. Yeah, I bet it gets real boring for Jimmy working in food-service at Walt Disney World! I can only hope Jimmy’s cellmate has a “fantasy” about Jimmy’s asshole and remedies his boredom. What a creep.

This week’s winner of the Norman Einstein Award is Sasha Grey. “If we make adult films with perhaps a real score and great camera work, we can make adult films that are more entertaining, more erotic and more acceptable — especially for the female consumer.” The self-described film buff said,

“The key element missing in films is tonality.” Einstein has solved all your problems with that statement. The key to turning around the industry is ‘tonality.’ My God, why didn’t anyone see this before? Einstein may have just saved this industry. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the key to making really great porn, according to Sasha Grey, is by adding MUSIC to it. How novel. Thanks for that insight, Einstein; now get back to sucking cock.

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> Blind Man Killed During Party With Call Girl – Hicks was arrested on Dec. 31 outside a Lawrence mobile home park. Read the story here:

> DirecTV to Launch 1st 3D-HDTV Channel – Read the hype:

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> Roaches, Rats, Then Arson Used in Atlanta Strip Club Feud – Read the story here:

> Ron Jeremy, Debating at AEE, Urges Parents to Protect Children from Online Porn – The traveling road show lands in Vegas. Read the hype:

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> Heidi Fleiss Should Be Ecstatic- Nevada Legalizes Male Prostitution – Bone smokers wanted. Read the story here:

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