Sean Looks at the Week of 1/24/2010 in Review; A&E Gets Ron Jeremy Blow Your Own Horn Award

Sean from writes: You want straight, no nonsense journalism, you stick with Adultfyi

The Janine Lindemulder Dope of the Week winner is an unnamed man who claims someone entered his apartment and purchased 18 pornographic movies while he was on vacation. At least that is what this dope told police after his $215.82 cable bill arrived. Funny, this dope was gone for a week and it appears he didn’t mention anything missing from his apartment. One would suspect these dastardly criminals would have done more that just sit and watch porn. It’s amazing what dopes will do to get out from having to pay their porn bill.

The Ron Jeremy Blowing Your Own Horn award goes to Adam & Eve. A&E issued a press release in which they patted themselves on the back for having increased profits in 2009:

“Through smarter marketing efforts, by taking advantage of growing marketing channels and by increasing operational efficiencies, we improved our profit by 17% over 2008,” says Adam & Eve Marketing Director Chad Davis.

Gee, that’s great news to all the under and unemployed people in Porn Valley. I’m sure they are all happy for A&E. However, considering that A&E is a privately held company, thus they don’t have to make true sales figures public; one should take their braggadocios statement with a grain of salt. For me, it’s kinda like some asshole on the Titanic boasting he has the last lifejacket as his fellow passengers go under for the last time.

The Dumbass Award winner is the Culpeper County Virginia Public Schools. One parent found the following passage from a book questionable so they eliminated it from their eight grade curriculum:

“There are little folds of skin all over the place, you can hardly find it. The little hole underneath is so terribly small that I simply can’t imagine how a man can get in there, let alone how a whole baby can get out!”

Not exactly erotic considering it was written by a 13 year old girl named Frank: as in The Diary of Anne Frank. claims that this book is usually banned for fear of depressing students. You know that whole World War Two Holocaust thing. But this appears to be the first time it has been banned because of its sexual connotations. Congrats, you dumbasses.

First runner up in this week’s Dumbass Award also involves banning books. It appears one parent in the Menifee Union school district in southern California demanded that the Merriam Webster’s 10th edition dictionary be removed because it had the definition of the term “oral sex” listed. That person wanted it pulled from shelves over fears that the “sexually graphic” entry is “just not age appropriate.”

The Asia Carrera Mensa award winners are Jessica Kathleen Alexander and Tammy Nicole Ortega. Out of stock in the brains department, these two water buffalo met a man on a telephone chat line and agreed to have sex with him in exchange for cigarettes. Well, after the trade, the women decided they didn’t enjoy the fucks for fags and reported to police they had been raped. Once police began investigating their story quickly fell apart. They were arrested for filing a false police report and police are considering pressing charges against the man for solicitation.

Belated Birthdays – Zoe Britton [33] 01/25, Lovette [37] 01/27, Alexis Texas [24] 01/29, Ebony Ayes [48] 01/29,

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Sean: Sure, she’ll be back on her back and counting ceiling tiles within the month.

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> PETA Ad Featuring Porn Princess Sasha Grey Offends the Majority of Viewers, Poll Claims – More proof that society loves you. Read the story here:

> Rob Rotten To Announce “The Rottens” Hall of Fame Winners – Read the hype:

> Leonardo DiCaprio’s face slasher arrested in Canada – Read the story here:

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> John Edwards Sex Tape? – “is explicit and reveals that Edwards ‘is physically very striking, in a certain area,'” Read the story here:

> This August: Storerotica’s 2010 “What’s New Marketplace” Convention and Tradeshow – Sign up now if you think you will still be in business in August. Read the hype here:

> Larry Flynt to Speak at University of North Carolina Free Speech Event –

> On Trial: NYPD Officer Allegedly Sodomized a Man with a Baton – Sounds to me like this jackoff needed a tune up. Read the story here:

> Immoral Productions & PrivateCamz increase production to 5 days of Live shows – Read the hype:

> Hush Money and Justice Young Launch – Read the hype:

> Update: Amy Fisher Stripping for Haiti – Read the desperate attempt for attention here:

> Triangle Films Releases River Rock Women’s Prison on HotMoviesForHer; Release Party Jan. 27th – Read the hype:

> Aristotle Executive to Speak on ID and Age Verification at International Cyber Security Conference – Read the hype here:

> Sunset Thomas Enshrined at The Palms Restaurant—Las Vegas – This is going to piss off Tera Patrick. Read the story here:

> “8 reasons you wouldn’t really want to date a porn star” – Read the humorous list here:

Reason #9 – They are all bat-shit crazy. Reason #10 – See #9

> Michael Lucas, Now a Travel Agent, Offering Trips to Israel – Kinda like those fuck a porn star type trips. Read the story here:

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