Sean Matthew Tompkins of TFPWL fame creates “Tom South” Twitter handles

Sean Tompkins

Twitter‘s biggest troll is at it again. Must be nice to be 50 and to be able to be a troll online for a living in between doing 3 hour cardio sessions at the gym while training for absolutely nothing. Sean Matthew Tompkins, best known for stealing the name of the popular Porn Wiki Leaks to slap onto his Mark Spiegler funded non wiki site has created multiple accounts on Twitter to troll his former BFF Mike South/Michael Thomas Strother.

This goon has called out everyone under the sun for a fight at AVN and he seems to go through this routine every year leading up to the show but nothing ever happens because no one wants to be sent to jail for beating him up in front of many cameras in a public place. When he has been offered a chance to spar at a boxing gym he will call his opponent a pussy and end the discussion. He also enjoys harassing porn women. He is also running and hiding from being served.


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