Sean Tompkins Dodging Lawsuits?

Sean Tompkins


  1. People can be served a lawsuit via publication if the court grants it, but it has to be last resort and the Plaintiff will have to explain to the judge and provide proof that they can’t get the defendant served. Service via publication, when granted by the court, means that the court summons can be published in a newspaper, website, or he owner the court grants.

  2. Obviously South can’t afford a lawyer as he had to beg for $20k and still failed to get more than 200 bucks. But Failkins will be served sooner or later. He will be out in the open at AEE so if someone wants to serve him they know where to find him.

  3. It’s a new year. In 2017 I challenge Sean Tompkins to man up and accept being served. Will he do it or will he keep being the scared pussy that he’s been the previous years?

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