Sean Tompkins outs Nikki Benz


Sean Tompkins of TFPWL, who calls our site a “Hate site” is fresh off another AVN/AEE appearance where he invited everyone that offends him – including 5’0 female performers, to come fight him on the trade show floor. And now he has done something only a true hate site would do – He has outed the real name and address of Nikki Benz, a performer that has been in the news lately for controversial reasons.

Now, we don’t side with her and think she is full of shit with her recent accusations but that doesn’t mean she deserves her name and address outed by a scumbag like Tompkins. At the very least this proves that Tompkins is every bit as bad as he claimed THE ORIGINAL Porn Wiki Leaks was and that he claims this site is.

What is also interesting is that you’ve got a hypocrite like Monica Foster begging and pleading this bald old man to let her suck his dick but then she goes off and claims this site and PWL are evil for outing her ‘elderly’ parents. If she has a problem with sites that out people why does she support an obvious scumbag goon like Tompkins?

The fact is that this site is no more racist, hateful or shameful than any of the sites that have a go at us. Tompkins and Foster are particularly hateful and vindictive. They prove it every day. Porn is a controversial business, these types of sites are not light reading. Toughen up or stop visiting.



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