Sean Tompkins to Monica Foster: “YOU BLEW IT, BABY!”


Once upon a time in 2011 when he first burst onto the scene as a small time internet forum troll, Sean Tompkins, then going by the name DocsFreakyFlixxx, tried to play save a ho to Monica Foster, hoping that she could be another in his long line of baby mamas. He reprimanded Porn Wiki Leaks for outing her family (She was actually the one that outed them on that very site). Then just 32 years old, with no debt, no legal troubles and with more options, Foster shot Tompkins down. Fast forward to the year 2017 as Monica Foster is about to lose her everything, is overweight, going bald, in insurmountable amounts of debt and she’s making moves on Tompkins who is having none of it.

When you think about it, what problems did Monica have back then? Sure she had some egg on her face after PWL had shamed her but that was about it. There were no attorneys breathing down her neck and she was not faced with half of million dollars of legal debts as she is today. The stresses that she has brought on herself have taken a toll and have her looking tired and beaten. Associates who have seen her in person report that she is a huge nerd that walks and talks weird and wears giant geek glasses.

As for Sean, he is never seen without a hat as he is as bald as a cue ball which is one trait in men that absolutely disgusts Foster. Sean has well documented legal problems himself. Foster is begging him to father her child but too little too late as Tompkins would be firing blanks at his advanced age and knows all too well that Foster is crazy.

Times have changed and very few men will be looking for a crazy women in her late 30’s with tons of debt, even someone as desperate as Tompkins. If some sucker takes her up on her offer, that kid will be shamed and ridiculed when he gets to school. Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. That ship has sailed for you.


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