Sean’s Random Thoughts for the Week of 05/19/2013

We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

* I’ll just say it: Kim Kardashian looks like a fat Tranny.

* I was loading up to bash Logan Pierce for a few comments he made this week concerning condoms but now I can’t because apparently he has had one of those ‘ah ha’ moments.

Pierce has gained limited fame as being a plaintiff in the Vivid Condom B lawsuit, being named the Best Male Newcomer and for showing sensitivity toward his female co-stars by helping them clean up after he blows a load on their faces. This guy has a heart of gold, obviously….and now he’s realized he was an industry pawn.

Pierce said he was all enthusiastic after the suit was filed, but, months later, “I haven’t heard dick from those people. Not one word from those lawyers since my name was written on that bill.”

“Once the phone stopped ringing with Cambria or Vivid C.E.O. Steven Hirsch on the line, vetting Pierce to make sure he ‘wasn’t a moron, didn’t represent them poorly,’ he says, Pierce’s righteous chest deflated. He wondered why a kid who’d just entered the industry was entrusted such a representative role.

“What about the guys that have been in porn for 20 years? Shouldn’t they have a voice?” he asked himself.

“Pierce took the role— ‘which was casted for, by the way; Vivid wanted one female and one male,’ Pierce tells me —not because he was brave, but naïve.

“Pierce now suspects his bosses ‘just wanted something on paper that they could spit out and make into a public statement.’

Welcome to the porn industry kid. Lesson number one: trust nobody.

* Two years ago amid rising public anger over high gasoline prices, top executives of major oil companies defended their actions at a Capitol Hill hearing and fought to block a Democratic effort to scale back their tax breaks.

The Senate Finance Committee asked the heads of the five largest oil companies to testify about proposals to repeal tax breaks. The executives of Exxon Mobil, Shell, ConocoPhillips, BP America and Chevron appeared and immediately found themselves in the expected hot seats.

What does that have to do with the porn industry? I recall at no time seeing or hearing that owners of a major porn studio appeared at any local or state meeting concerning any type of regulation involving the porn industry.

Was Larry Flynt at a Cal-OSHA meeting? Has Steve ‘Papa Smurf’ Hirsch ever been spotted in Sacramento? John Stagliano? Hello? Anybody?

The hell with the talent, those people can be replaced, right? But if my industry, nay, my BUSINESS was being bashed I would make it a point to directly confront those out to destroy it. Yet in the case of this industry the Big Boys are relying on the incompetence of Diane Duke and the Free Speech Coalition and a bunch of 19 and 20-something kids to fight their battles?

And I wish the talent would realize that Measure B has nothing to do about the health of the talent or some bullshit First Amendment issue. It’s all about the money: Flynt’s money, Smurf’s money, Stagliano’s money. Not the talent’s money.

This is all about market share and getting the last few porn dollars out there [you can thank Manwin for all their fucking free sites].

* After reading an article from Bloomberg about the AB332 fight I felt like I was transported back to 1992.

This complete disaster of a story was packed with more useless information than a Diane Duke press release.

Here are a few gems that the article revealed:

Did you know that the porn industry employs 10,000 people and adds more than $1 billion of the local economy? [That works out to about $100,000 per porn employee. How much are you pulling in from the porn industry?]

By some accounts the porn industry produces 11,000 films a year, 90 percent shot in California by 200 production companies. [Thanks to Manwin all those films can be viewed for free on their tube sites.]

Golden State porn generates $9 billion to $13 billion a year in gross revenue nationwide, according to a legislative analysis of the bill. [Let’s see….$9 billion divided by 200 companies….that comes out to $45 million per company. You think?]

Figures lie and liars figure….Logan Pierce just found that out.

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