Sean’s Random Thoughts for the Week of August 26, 2013 – A Week of Charity

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

It has been another wild week in the porn industry and I’ve loved every second of it.

* Charity was a popular theme in the business this week.

Amber Lynn was Twittering a link to something called the Cameron Bay Medical Fund set up at Friday I checked how much money had been raised but I couldn’t find any information at all about this fund on that website.

OC Modeling decided to jump on the fundraiser bandwagon trying to hustle $32,000 so Prince Yahshua could apparently get his broken dick fixed yet again. I couldn’t find any information about that fund as well.

Yet the biggest news came on Thursday when the story broke that Bill Margold’s Bare Bowling fundraiser for PAW was canceled. That extravaganza was to have taken place Sunday.

When I heard about the cancellation I have to admit that my first thought was how Bill would be able to watch his beloved Detroit Lions now that he couldn’t afford to purchase Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.

The only explanation concerning the event’s cancellation came is a Tweet from @ScorchingImages: “THE P.A.W. CHARITY BOWLING EVENT IS CANCELLED! I’m sorry to bring the news. 1of the noisemakers N industry got jealous & made calls 2 stop”

Myself [ ] along with Gene and Rob Black [ ] have been putting PAW under the microscope for several months yet I am unaware of anyone associated with AdultFYI taking any steps to undermine this event. Also, considering Margold has no use for me or Rob Black [and probably Gene at this point] I’m not buying that cancellation excuse.

Gene called Margold out this week writing that PAW should donate the proceeds from the bowling event to Cameron Bay [ ] .

In Margold’s pompous style he responded on Twitter by writing, “Protecting Adult Welfare doesn’t need to be told how or who to raise monies for. It’s activities since 1994 (and before) are pure/priceless.”

Margold’s response doesn’t sound like someone who would turn tail and cancel an event, especially if it was filling his coffers, just because someone in the industry “got jealous & made calls 2 stop.”

Why the event was canceled will never be truthfully explained but I’d like to think it was 86’ed because people, both the public and the talent, realize now that PAW was a sham all along.

* Note to Rob Black – Love the show but please, please, please start talking at noon when the show is scheduled to begin. The 20 minutes or more of watching you check your email and Twitter account every day is a bit, well, perplexing. But love the Konerko shirt.

If you can’t start the show at noon could you at least fill that time by bringing in a striptease act or maybe Tom Byron could do some card tricks.

* I’m sad to report that Farrah Abraham did not make it as a contestant on this season’s Dancing with the Stars. Yet reports now that Abraham has landed a role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives playing…[wait for it] a hooker. Day Time Emmys here she comes.

* North Korean crackpot leader, Kim Jong Un, had an ex-girlfriend, along with 11 others, executed earlier this month.

Fox News, citing South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper, is reporting that KJU had the woman, a singer named Hyon Song-wol, arrested with the other people Aug.17 for violations tied to pornography laws. Apparently they had been accused of making porn that was sold in China.

And Diane Duke thinks Cal-OSHA is tough.


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