Sean’s Random Thoughts for the Week of August 3, 2013: My Nominee for the New Head of the FSC

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

* So, does anyone know for sure if Clover has syphilis or not? Apparently he has been cleared…probably.

Yet again embarrassment has fallen upon the industry. I’m not going to point fingers but this latest folly demonstrates to the mainstream how unorganized and unprofessionally this industry is managed. And you really wonder why the mainstream thinks this industry is a joke? Professional wrestling has move legitimacy than the porn industry.

* Note to industry bloggers – stop writing as if your audience is simply the people in the porn industry. You are being read by more important people whose sole purpose is to destroy this industry. So if you think you’re cutting edge by breaking a story full of misinformation just so you can brag about being first you are doing more harm than good. This isn’t Fox News or CNBC so stop trying to be more important than you are.

* Manwin is cast as the bad guy in this industry and more times than not it’s a deserved moniker. Yet I’m not going to castigate a performer because they work for them. Paying jobs have all but dried up [thanks in part to Manwin’s free tube sites] yet people still have to pay their bills. It’s blood money for sure but in these economic times you gotta do what you can to survive.

* Sure, she has not been replaced as exulted leader of the Free Speech Coalition and the porn industry as a whole, but I would like to announce that after mere minutes of exhausted research I have found the perfect replacement for Dr. Diane Duke, Medicine Woman. His name is Hugo Schwyzer, Ph. D.

Hugo’s name alone should garner tremendous support because ‘Schwyzer’ sounds a lot like ‘Schweitzer’ and I understand Albert was a pretty smart guy. Hugo will also have the support of the masses because he has ‘Ph. D.’ after his name making him light years smarter than anyone else currently in a position of power in this industry.

[Trivia Question: Who was the last person to hold sway in the porn industry to have a Ph. D.? If you said Dr. Sharon Mitchell you would be correct. See how well that turned out. I bet you wish she was back in charge now. Who said ‘syphilis?’]

Hugo Schwyzer would come to his new position already having somewhat of a porn background. That’s more than one could say about Diane Duke when she started.

Schwyzer currently teaches at Pasadena Community College although he is taking the fall semester off to get his mind right so he is immediately available.

“I had a bi-polar breakdown. That’s an explanation, not an excuse,” Schwyzer told the Daily News. “And I knew I should have been in therapy and on my meds.”

That’s what I’m telling you: he even has a medical background. Okay, not as a medical doctor but more as a patient….but never mind that.

“I’ve been in and out of institutions for the past 19 years, but managed to get a Ph.D. and a tenure track job,” Schwyzer said.

Come on, everybody says porn chicks are nuts. This guy could speak to them on their level….and he isn’t a quitter. He shows tremendous drive.

“When I go back to teaching I’m not going to be teaching porn or gender studies,” Schwyzer said. “A lot of feminists hated me because they could smell the fraudulence. I was making shit up and I did it over and over again. I was less a professor than a guy running a three-ring circus.”

My God, if that doesn’t seal the deal I don’t know what does. This man has taught porn studies on a college level and knows how to manage a fraudulent curriculum. [Perfect] He admits to being a bullshit artist. [Boy, could this guy bamboozle the mainstream folks]. Plus he knows how to run a three-ring circus [If that isn’t the porn industry today I don’t know what is.].

Ladies and Gentlemen, my nominee to head the FSC and the porn industry at large, I give you Dr. Hugo Schwyzer, Ph. D. [Somebody hit the Applause button, I’m outta here]

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