Sean’s Random Thoughts for the week of July 1, 2013

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

*Checking Twitter and other social media sites this past Monday it was about a 50/50 split between those thrilled that AdultFYI was shut down for most of the day and those who were genuinely upset that the site was offline.

This minor glitch resulted from AdultFYI’s former webmaster yielding to the pressure of others to shut down this site [so much for free speech in the porn industry]. It’s hard to believe that a “lesser site” such as this would strike such fear in the hearts of these so-called leaders of this industry.

Gene wrote this week that due to Tom Byron’s tremendous effort AdultFYI continues. Byron worked tirelessly to restore this site and because of his actions it will allow Gene and others to voice much needed dissenting views about this industry.

Big changes are coming soon to AdultFYI and the industry as a whole and you’ll continue to read all about it right here.

*I haven’t decided if this is a feeble attempt to raise money or a con artist looking to make a couple of bucks of dimwitted fans, but a website called Fan Fund XXX was launched this week.

Described by CEO Peter Housley, the service is in part a response to the difficulty of getting funding for X-rated projects. “Banks, venture capital and even angel investors tend to shy away from adult entertainment for multiple reasons,” he says.

“Crowd funding in any form, mainstream or adult, allows creativity and ingenuity to flow — it offers a place where fans of a concept or idea can choose to make it a reality [rather] than leaving decisions to starched white shirts pushing pencils and tapping calculators scrutinizing a pro-forma built by some accountant.”

Well there you go. If you want to shoot the next porn epic just take your case to the fans and watch the money come rolling in.

*Bill Margold was a guest on Alesia Pleasure’s Internet radio show this week. The subject of mental and physical injury was mentioned.

Although he didn’t mention AdultFYI by name, Margold addressed the Kelly Wells story Gene had posted:

“They were talking about a woman who got her jaw broken in a sex scene. To me that would be a badge of honor. A physical injury during a sex scene is because you’ve been in it, you’ve thrown yourself into it with great abandon.

As I’ve been told and have read, Kelly Wells was punched in the face.

So if I understand Bill correctly, the next time a porn star gets an STD on the set they shouldn’t complain about it. They should in fact celebrate it because they were really just throwing themselves into the scene.

Continuing on that subject, Margold says: “I would sooner have those kinds of wounds then I would having my spirit broken which is what I believe Max Hardcore did. He was a brutalizationer. He demeans them. He shatters their spirit. But I would like to know how many people Max Hardcore worked with that wound up committing suicide.”

“He got away with it because nobody cared. And nobody protects these kids. People don’t want to tell on each other but now this industry has busted open and everyone is telling on everyone else. Maybe some of the people will come out of the woodwork and admit [what happened]- but I don’t want them to because then they would have to then re-live what I refer to as the horror of cinematic incest.”

Has Margold visited a tube site lately? He accuses Hardcore of cinematic incest? What Hardcore did is baby shit to what is out there today.

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