Sean’s Random Thoughts for the Week of July 15, 2013: Industry Awards, PAW, Jenna Jameson, Brea Bennett and was Andy San Dimas Arrested

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

In last Saturday’s column I wrote about Bill Margold’s PAW Foundation [ ] in which I had several questions concerning that organization. I was hoping to have those questions answered by a representative of that organization but apparently they are too busy doing the good work of PAW to respond.

Fortunately for myself and thus, you, my loyal readers, on his radio show this week [ ] Rob Black answered all the questions about PAW I needed.

Sean: PAW sounds like a noble endeavor.

Black described Margold’s PAW site “like a Chris Hansen trap for pedophilia.”

Sean: PAW mentions it has had a significant impact on many people’s lives. Any testimonials? Any anecdotes?

Rob Black: “Who the fuck does he help? Seriously.”

Sean: PAW generates funds by accepting donations via a PayPal account, selling PAW collectibles [tee shirts, etc.] and holding various fundraisers.

I’m always curious as to how much money is raised and how any organization spends their cash.

Rob Black: “This site is up, operating and taking donations so Bill Margold can pay his rent. He must get disability because he’s fucking nuts and the state gives him money for being fucking cuckoo.”

Sean: From PAW’s mission statement – ‘All of our health training and awareness programs, health and life insurance, pension program information, and peer counseling, are under the banner of P.A.W. Available to all.’

Rob Black: “Where’s the pension program you talk about, Bill Margold? If you go to this site, and it’s a sham, if you donate to this it’s a sham.”

“Bill Margold is basically a fucking bum who lives off the government that he shits on every day. You’re part of the old order, Bill Margold. There’s no light that shines on you. It’s faded out and extinguished. You’re a dark cloud that was created and spawned by you. You are as dark as they come, and the way you do things it’s over and done.”

Questions asked and answered. Thanks Rob.

All kidding aside, PAW, like so many other start-up organizations in this industry, began with all good intentions. But due to lack of support PAW is no longer relevant if it really ever was.

As for the money it raises I highly doubt if it brings in much revenue at all. The public doesn’t purchase porn so why would the donate to a porn charity.

* Surfing Twitter land as my want, I noticed pressers concerning two award shows going toe to toe against for the porn fan’s affections this Fall.

The first awards show is so eloquently named: The Sex Awards from the fine folks at AVN which fans can vote for their favorite stars in several categories.

In order to vote fans must provide AVN with their email address which automatically enters said fan in a contest to win two free tickets to the event…and I’m guessing adds them to some mailing list.

The big hook to draw fans and porn stars to this event claims the show will ‘be broadcast on a national television network.’ Wow! ABC? NBC? CBS? FOX? No, the X3Sixty Network…whatever the hell that is.

The Sex Awards will take place October 9, 2013 in Hollywood.

The other awards show is the 21st annual Nightmoves Awards being held in Tampa October 13. The NightMoves Awards are an off-shoot of NightMoves Magazine.

The NightMoves Awards were the first to allow fans to select the winners.

The NightMoves Awards culminates a weekend that includes the “Star Caravan” visits to local night clubs, radio appearances and a Fan Fest from Oct. 10-13.

Fans are not asked to provide an email address to vote for these awards. Then again NightMoves isn’t trying to pump up their junk email list in the guise of giving away free tickets.

Good luck to all the nominees who somehow think any of these awards really matter.

* Did you hear? Brea Bennett is back in the business. I guess she either divorced or couldn’t keep a job in the real world.

* Adultfyi posted a story from the Daily Mail in which they reported that Andy San Dimas was arrested at a Pittsburgh Pirates game this past week.

This story upset San Dimas thus she Twittered the following –

Andy San Dimas! ‏@andysandimas @Adultfyi1: Andy San Dimas arrested for refusing to sit down at Pittsburgh Pirates game …” I WAS NOT ARRESTED

Sia Vee ‏@SiaBambolina – @andysandimas Gotta love people who don’t bother getting any facts straight before spreading bullshit blather about you. @Adultfyi1

Apparently these two dopes were too lazy to read the story [from the Daily Mail] so I’ll excerpt it for them –

‘The cop was caught in the compromising position after San Dimas was thrown out of a Pirates baseball game and ARRESTED for refusing to sit down while performing a sexy dance in the stands.’

‘The 26-year-old pornstar, who has starred in films including Shades of Kink and Lesbian Nanny Tales, was HAULED DOWN TO THE LOCAL POLICE STATION WHERE SHE WAS READ HER RIGHTS…’

‘BEFORE HER ARREST, San Dimas had posted a string of photographs of her wearing the mask in and around the Pittsburgh Pirates’ home ground during a trip with porn director and producer Steviee Hughes.’

Sweetheart, we don’t make the news, we just exploit it. You got a problem with the story take it up with the London Daily Mail… and enjoy the little bit of free publicity.

* The rumors are out there that Jenna Jameson will be hosting the next XBiz Awards show.

If the rumors are true that must only mean one thing: she’s broke and needs the money. It also means that no matter how much you shit on the industry on the way out the door you are always welcome back as long as your name is still a draw. WELCOME HOME, SUGAR!!!!

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