Sean’s Random Thoughts for the week of July 22, 2013: Jenna Presley, Mike Kulich and Courtney Stodden

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

* This week the XXX Church saved another lost soul from the big bad porn industry.

Apparently Jenna Presley found Jesus, “It’s been a long seven-year journey of porn, prostitution, stripping, drugs, alcohol and several failed suicide attempts.”

Rachel Collins from attended several conventions to connect with women in the industry to spread the message of hope in a non-judgmental way. For the next few years, Presley kept in touch with Collins until Collins’ message became her epiphany, so says the glorified press release.

Obviously it’s the porn industry to blame for Presley’s lack of self-worth and low self-esteem.

“I felt so loved that day because I was put in hair and make-up, I was told I was beautiful and I was told I was going to be a star,” she recalled.

“I always felt like I had to say yes to everything because I felt that would give me credibility as a star. Wanting to be famous my whole life, I guess was resorted to wanting to be loved; but sharing that side of yourself and becoming so empty and feeling so helpless like there’s just no hope, you dig such a hole, that you’re in a pit of self-pity…”

During her time as a porn star, Presley made hundreds of movies to the point of exhaustion.

“Not only does it leave you drained but I had to start finding ways how to do the scenes because I was so robotic, I was like a rubber Barbie doll, I had no emotions, I was plastic,” said Presley. “I would get undressed from the outfit I would wear to put on lingerie just to get undressed again to do a scene. I felt so hopeless and so empty inside … I became my alter ego.”

The last I checked nobody forced her into this business and nobody forced her to stay.

* Mike Kulich has announced he is currently in the early stages of producing a Weiner-based straight-to-DVD coincidentally entitled “Don’t Pull Out.”

Kulich has also vowed that a full fifteen percent of the profit from the video will go to the Weiner for Mayor campaign in New York City.

Anthony Weiner is the former disgraced congressman from New York who announced he was running for NYC mayor.

Unfortunately for Weiner and Kulich’s production, a story broke this week that Weiner continued sexting after claiming therapy had cured him. Weiner is quickly falling in the polls and I suspect he will be just a footnote in history long before Kulich’s production will hit the market.

* Courtney Stodden claims she turned down a $5 million payday from Panoporn to shoot just two 15 minute solo scenes.

“It is not the direction I am interested in taking in my life,” she said.

Dare I say I actually have some respect for her now.

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