Sean’s Random Thoughts for the Week of July 8, 2013: Pawing Through the PAW Foundation

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Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

* Let’s put this Measure B/First Amendment/Condoms issue to bed once and for all.

If you shoot porn without using every available measure to limit the health risk to the actors then you forgo your chance to hide behind the US Constitution.

* Bill Margold tweeted the following Tuesday morning – “They prattle, tattle and rattle…and feign giving a damn… but they really don’t have anything to offer when it comes to fixing things.”

Without naming names I can only assume that Margold’s tweet was a direct shot at Rob Black. If you’ve listened to Black’s show at all [ ] you know that he takes great joy in using Bill as a verbal punching bag and I guess Bill’s tweet was his attempt to fire back.

It dawned on me after reading Margold’s tweet: what does this industry know about his PAW Foundation? After all, it’s been around for years and most of us have read about the various fundraisers they’ve had. But what do they do?

After visiting PAW’s website I was left with several questions.

PAW sounds like a noble endeavor: ‘As a charitable outreach organization, our efforts are aimed at improving the quality of life for the workers in the adult entertainment industry – actors, actresses, dancers, directors, writers, photographers, technicians, retail and warehouse employees – as well as improving an understanding of our industry by the public at large.’

It continues, ‘All of our health training and awareness programs, health and life insurance, pension program information, and peer counseling, are under the banner of P.A.W. Available to all.’

AdultFYI posts press releases all the time yet I have never seen one from PAW announcing when any of those mentioned programs are held. When are they held? Every Saturday? Once a month? PAW’s Calendar of Events page doesn’t provide that information….or any information for that matter.

PAW mentions it has had a significant impact on many people’s lives. Any testimonials? Any anecdotes?

One program PAW offers is something called a Peer Counseling Help Line. The 24 hour helpline listed on the site is Margold’s home phone number. Margold is a peer counselor? Since Dave Cummings retired I don’t think Margold has any peers left in the industry.

What makes Margold qualified to counsel anyone? Does he have a degree in psychology? Sociology? Or does he just refer people to professionals? And how many calls does this help line receive a month?

I wonder what Margold would say to an actor who called the help line looking for advice after getting their jaw broken on the set of a porn film. I suspect he’d say something like, “It’s a badge of honor, Kid.”

Another program is something called PAW University. Apparently it offers a ‘lecture program and seminars on subjects such as health, insurance, money management, acting in the adult industry and may more – all designed to help improve the life of adult entertainment industry workers.’

Again, when is college in session? Who teaches these seminars?

PAW’s Board of Trustees includes Chairman Phillip Berman, Ph.D [pictured]., Margold, Robert Herrera, Chisti Lake and Jim South and five ‘associate’ trustees.

After reading Chairman Berman’s biography I was very impressed with this man. Dr. Berman is a biotech industry veteran with extensive experience in discovery research and manufacturing process development primarily in the field of the development of an HIV vaccine.

In 2004, Dr. Berman and Dr. Francis founded Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases, a not-for-profit organization, with initial funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, dedicated to combining technology and expertise from the biotechnology industry and public health sector know-how to address problems of infectious disease prevention and control, including HIV, in the developing world.

I would love to hear Dr. Berman’s thoughts on Measure B and the opinion of PAW on the condoms in porn issue. In Berman’s biography I also noticed that it neglected to mention being one of PAW’s trustees.

I am also curious to know when PAW’s last board meeting was. Are these meetings open to the public? Could PAW publish the minutes of their meetings?

PAW generates funds by accepting donations via a PayPal account, selling PAW collectibles [tee shirts, etc.] and holding various fundraisers.

I’m always curious as to how much money is raised and how any organization spends their cash. As a charitable organization does PAW file Form 990 with the IRS or the equivalent with the state of California?

Does PAW make available spread sheets showing how much money is spent on the various programs they offer?

Another program PAW touts is something called Loans and Grants which the organization describes as: Expeditious emergency financial assistance to those in need and special grants to those who qualify.

How many people has PAW helped with this program and what are ‘special grants’ and what does it take to qualify?

PAW’s online brochure ends with this declaration: ‘Everything we do, whether it is membership drives, fundraising, education, lobbying, the legal defense fund, etc., all of these serve the big picture of improving our industry and the quality of the life of the very special people who comprise adult entertainment.’

PAW sure talks a good game but questions persist.

*Kora Peters ‏@korapeters tweeted this week…. @Adultfyi1: has anyone informed the Brazilian actress that John Stagliano was balls deep in that he is #HIV positive?

That’s a good question for Diane Duke. Diane? Hello?

*Katie Summers ‏@KatieSummersXXX tweeted this week: Thank Baby Jesus for @GeneRoss3 and @Adultfyi1

I’d like to thank Baby Jesus for giving you one smoking-hot bod.

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