Sean’s Random Thoughts for the week of June 2, 2013

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

*The Wankus award goes to Amber Lynn and Rob Black,

A week or so ago Amber Lynn announced that her internet radio show drew 180,000 listeners. Rob Black called BS to those numbers and declared that if Amber could prove those numbers he would “eat a pile of steaming shit.”

Lynn’s numbers were confirmed by Michael Merlino of XXX Porn Star Radio.

Saving himself from dining on a shit sandwich, Black discovered that his own show recently had 975,176 listeners. The numbers were confirmed by Lemar Alexander from Blog Talk Radio.

I’m calling BS on both sets of numbers. Realize that if Black had 975,000 listeners on an over-the-air radio station he’d have a top ten rated show NATIONALLY. I suggest Black set up a P.O. Box and request that each listener send him one dollar. Even if only 10% of his listeners did that he’d be banking a cool $97,000 a year.

Oh, but wait, people can already watch Black do his show live and in color for only $2.00 per show. I wonder how much that brings in. Going by his numbers, at minimum, he should be banging $200,000 a show. What does that work out to? Christ, a million a week? Forget Papa Smurf, Rob Black is swimming in cash. With that kind of money he probably wipes his ass with $100 bills.

Is Black making that kind of money? To hear him talk he’s fighting to survive on a daily basis.

You can keep your internet radio listener numbers, your Alexa website ranking and whatever else you use to inflate your ego. The bottom line for me is revenue and from what I’ve seen and heard there isn’t much of that anymore. Hell, if KSEX was getting a tenth of the listeners Black claims to have, Wankus would still be running that operation and banging Tyler Faith.

* It was reported this week that Farrah Abraham was quite lonely at the 2013 Exxxotica Expo over the weekend. She sat at a table there with her name on it representing and was trying to pimp out some autographed photos of herself for $50.

Apparently that didn’t work out as she’d planned, because virtually no one visited her booth at the expo until someone called the paparazzi to take a few shots of her. Even a staged media event couldn’t save the day.

What’s next for Farrah, celebrity boxing? It’s over, Farrah. Leave now while you still have a smidge of dignity and self-respect.

*How egotistical must a company be to invent another worthless industry awards show then give themselves the Best Picture award? Ask Bluebird Films.

* About Google Glass, says Alana Evans, “It’s going to change [porn’s] direction.”

Missy Martinez adds: “It might be easier to film POV gonzo-style movies. [Glass is] essentially hands-free. Glass has some high-res capabilities, and could possibly do away with handheld POV altogether.”

Wow, I’m excited by this new technology…CNN reported: ‘On Monday morning, the first porn app for Google Glass was announced. A few hours later, Google officially banned sexually explicit material on the futuristic eyewear.’

So much for that latest porn revolution.

*For those of you interested in shooting Mr. Marcus in or having him direct your next epic [Vivid] it was reported this week that he will be on a 30 day vacation compliments of the Los Angeles county jail.

Once that is completed his schedule will be filled with 15 days of community service and conferring with his attorney concerning a civil case involving performer Lylith Lavey. It looks like he has a pretty busy summer ahead of him.

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