Seka on Playboy Radio Next Week

Van Nuys, CA – Listen up, Seka fans! If you have Sirius/XM Satellite radio, you can hear the woman you love to dream about talk about her decades in the adult business. Seka will be on Playboy Radio next week, so turn up the volume and listen to her send out sexy signals across the miles!

As part of their annual Legends of Porn Week, celebrated pornstar and website owner, Seka, will be a guest on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls, on Thursday, November 12th – live from California, from 5pm-7pm (PST). (Tom Byron also is slated to appear on 11/9/09).

Next week is a week of hardcore shows celebrating porn’s past, its brightest and most famous stars, and how things have changed in the adult industry since Seka became a household name. Clearly, she was selected for her legendary status as a porn pioneer – but she’s also known for being truly accessible to fans, and eager to talk to them whenever she can.

Several Seka DVDs have come out this year through Western Visuals, and Seka will be talking about her favorite adult roles and movies, plus Playboy Radio will be giving some serious Seka fans free DVDs – just for listening! Seka’s latest DVD, Seka’s Heavenly Desire, comes out in early December so you can be sure she’ll talk about this title!

Want to hear her sultry, breathy, and seductve voice before the big Playboy airing? Kick of your shoes, grab a cocktail, and head to Seka’s official website,…then don’t forget to set your satellite radio dials for the Playboy Radio Channel — Sirius Satellite Ch. 99 and XM 99 — next Thursday night, November 12th, from 5pm-7pm (PST). Just imagine the hot-topics to discuss! Seka will be waiting for fans to call in their sexy, probing questions!

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