Serial Horse Rapist Found His Prey at New York Harness Track

from – Erick Rivera liked to play the horses, but not in the Watch Them Run Around and Lose Money Betting kind of way. No, his passions heaved toward the more amorous variety…

Workers at the Goshen, New York Historic harness track knew there was something wrong six months ago, when they’d arrive at work in the morning to find horses bridled and immobilized in their stalls. So police set up surveillance cameras to solve the mystery.

That’s when they discovered that Rivera, who rented a room nearby, was sneaking into the stables at night to answer his lust. Police say he had sex at least a dozen times with various fillies. And while they’re not saying exactly what he did, we’re guessing you won’t need Louis and Clark to navigate this puzzle.

“This guy makes Michael Vick look like a charter member of PETA,” Goshen Police Chief James Watt told the Times Herald-Record.

The frisky 18-year-old is now charged with sexual misconduct with an animal and burglary, leaving few opportunities for criminal bragging rights when he eventually makes his way to the slam.

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