Sex and the S.C. Impeachment – Argentina Mistress & Gov. Mark Sanford

from – Mark Sanford kept a mistress in Argentina named Maria Belen Shapur. Now some of his colleagues in the state want him impeached and his trysts with the sexy TV News reporter and the flights to spend time with his lover in South America will likely be used against him for his very own impeachment and to remove him from office.

The affair was discovered when Sanford went missing and there was even a time when he was thought to be hiking the Appalachian Trail and perhaps even lost. He wasn’t, he was in Argentina with his mistress.

Reporters later confronted Sanford on his return about the reason his staff had lied about his whereabouts. Initially the South Carolina governor’s office indicated they didn’t know where Sanford had gone. They later began reporting that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail and was unreachable.

Finally, the truth was out that the governor had been cheating on his wife with a mistress from Argentina. Sanford was caught and it was all revealed – he had been carrying on for some time and was “in love” with Maria Belen Shapur.

AP Politics reports that may now be what finally gets him fired. A report notes that House lawmakers said Monday they will “add additional impeachment charges against Gov. Mark Sanford for “abuse of power” in scheduling a 2008 trade trip to Argentina that was used to meet his lover.”

”It’s just obvious that this trip was a personal trip and state business was kind of thrown in as a cover,” state Rep. Greg Delleney said during a fourth day of impeachment hearings, according to the New York Times.

The paper adds, “Sanford also faces an ethics hearing on 37 civil charges related to flights he took on state planes, high-priced commercial airline tickets and reimbursements Sanford made to himself from his campaign funds.”

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