Sexy Blog Time’s Interview with Mr. Pete 3/6/2009

Not to make a big issue out of it, but Mr. Pete in this interview neglects to say that it was actually director Tom Zupko who gave him his big break in porn.

Lucy Vonne writes on This time around I squealed with delight when I got to chat it up with this week’s porn stud Mr. Pete. He was very sweet and a delight to talk to. I’m not going to lie I was a little flustered when I got off the phone with him. Mr. Pete Has been in the business for quite a while and has a large number of movies under his belt. He has this grin that makes you think he’s up to something naughty. With a hot body and a nicely sized penis, I’m sure he will be around for quite some time.

You can find him in the following movie; Nurses, 2 Anal 4 U, Back Shots, Blacklight Beauty, Curvy Girls 2, The Incredible Gulp, Sweetheart, So You Think You Can Squirt? 3, Raw Passion, Naked Aces 4, and Discovering Alexis Texas.

Lucy Vonne- How did you get into the porn business?

Mr. Pete- I worked in Vegas at a strip club slash book store and met a girl who was feature dancing her name was Capri Cameron and she got me in the business years ago like in ‘99.

Lucy Vonne- What made you want to move into the directing aspect?

Mr. Pete- Well you know I’m just trying to develop my craft…I incorporate hard core and gonzo the stuff that I already do is kind of my nitch.

Lucy Vonne- Do enjoy directing more or performing more?

Mr. Pete- I love performing more.

Lucy Vonne- Do you think it’s easier directing scenes because you are a performers or is there anything that helps you do that?

Mr. Pete- It definitely helps to be in the field. So working every day I got to shoot for some great people and I watch everybody. I’m constantly paying attention to details. It definitely helps to perform you will see it in your directing. Cause you know what’s good and what’s bad

Lucy Vonne- Do you have any actresses you prefer to work with or really enjoy working with?

Mr. Pete- Wow I like Sasha Grey and Alexis Texas. I recently worked with and old school girl Tabitha Stevens and course everybody knows who that is she was amazing. Tiffany Minx, if I’m forgetting names I don’t want any of the girls to kill me but there’s a lot of great ones.

Lucy Vonne- Do you have any signature moves or specialties that you try to do in your scenes?

Mr. Pete- Well I have the ability to make the girls squirt so I guess
that’s a skill.

Lucy Vonne- Do you ever think one day it’s going to be the male porn stars on the boxes trying to sell the movies to

Mr. Pete- I think the selling point is the women. If we put us on the box we’re missing the whole point of the movie. It’s always about the girls. The guys help out the scene and what not but the women are what sell porn. I think they should have the limelight.

Lucy Vonne
– Now I recently saw you in the trailer for Nurses from Digital Playground, how was that experience? Have you worked for them before or was that your first time?

Mr. Pete- I’ve worked with them many times. It’s fun doing if for Robby D. the director. He’s like one of the best directors in this day of porn and this day in age so it’s always good to be on his set.

Lucy Vonne- Did you pick any pointers from him in terms of directing?

Mr. Pete- Well he’s very detailed he’s elaborate. So I pay attention to him but I don’t always get where he’s going but he obviously does and
he knows what he’s doing.

Lucy Vonne- Is there anything you would like to say to your female fans out there?

Mr. Pete- Oh man please keep watching. I work hard and more so for the ladies then the gentlemen. I love the women please keep watching and they can send me emails or Myspace messages. My email for the ladies is [email protected] and my Myspace is mrpetexxx so you can look me up like that but keep watching.

Lucy Vonne- Are you dating anyone right now?

Mr. Pete- I do have a girlfriend.

Lucy Vonne- Is she in the business also?

Mr. Pete- She is her name is Alexis Texas.

Lucy Vonne- And you guys are good working together, do you work with other people also I’m sure you do?

Mr. Pete- Oh yeah we work with others.

Lucy Vonne- How is it dating in the porn world do you find it easy?

Mr. Pete- It can be pretty stressful because in the normal world your not having sex with other people for a living and that can be hard mentally sometimes. You know there’s a little jealously once in awhile so yeah it can be difficult. But all in all it’s fun and I love it and she loves it so we wouldn’t change a thing.

Lucy Vonne- Are you happy with how your career is going in this world, would you change anything or do anything different?

Mr. Pete- Definitely, definitely happy but I just want more and more success. I’m hungry, I’m starving like I haven’t eaten.

Lucy Vonne- Do you see yourself staying in this for a long time or maybe just going into directing or still performing?

Mr. Pete- I definitely think I will be in this business until I pass away. In some way or another whether its directing or producing or owning a company I’m pretty much tied to this business, I’m a lifer.

Lucy Vonne- I saw that you used to have a contract with one company to direct for them, do you think you will do that again or just do your own thing?

Mr. Pete- If the opportunity’s right. The economy is kind of bad right now people aren’t excited to spend money. I’ve kind of shined away I’ve had little offers for directing gigs. But I do want something more valuable something that’s going to benefit my career.

Lucy Vonne- Do you like doing things with just scenes or something with a
story when you direct?

Mr. Pete- It depends on the situation and the girl and if I have any ideas. Like for me with sexual encounters I occasionally, I’ll be in the mall buying jewelry or something and I’ll meet a pretty lady. And something about the encounter is sexy or hot and I think about that. I try to play out my fantasies like that so sometimes there’s story sometimes its just a tease sometimes its me talking to the girl like interviewing.

Lucy Vonne- What are some memorable scenes you have done?

Mr. Pete- I did a movie called Oil Overloaded I think it was number 1 or number 2 I’m sorry I forget. It was a scene with Teagan Presley which was really hot. I was nominated for best anal sex scene me and the young lady. Tabitha Stevens, I did a scene for Mike McCormick from Zero Tolerance and I’m sure that’s going to be coming out in a few months here, she was amazing.

Lucy Vonne- Is there anyone you look up to in the business or go to for advice?

Mr. Pete- I have a few, Manuel Ferrara is kind of a mentor for me and Mike Steffano.

Lucy Vonne- And lastly, What’s your favorite sexual position?

Mr. Pete- Doggy style, reverse cowgirl if the girls into it.

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