Seymore Butts Revealed as The “Punk Bitch Douchebag”

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Rob Black on his Tuesday show revealed that it was Seymore Butts who was the “punk bitch” he was talking about on his show the day before. This is what I wrote in that report:

Black explained that he was tweeted Friday by a “punk irrelevant douchebag” who claimed he was watching Black on his show, Friday, selling the business down the river in a desperate attempt to gain relevance- “follow your nose to the oozing stench of desperation.”

Black talked like he had a good idea who the guy was.

“But he didn’t say my name,” Black continued. “If this guy’s listening to my show, hey, bro, why don’t you say my name, you little punk bitch. Why don’t you say you’re responsible for the tweets. Come on you tough guy, you rat. Come on you fucking punk.

“I’ll bend you over, and I’ll fuck you in your asshole myself. I will bat your head in so it’s a violent act, and Tom Byron will be spraying the lube in your asshole so I won’t chafe my dick.”

“Only bitch punk’s self-tweet,” said Black who also wondered if Michael Moore could be accused of selling out or be up for treason by making his documentaries.

“I’m selling out the business because the Free Speech Coalition are corrupt scum bags?”

Black suspected that whoever tweeted him used to work for Frank Koretsky.

“You used to be on TV, you punk bitch. You had to suck Frank Koretsky’s little cock. Now you’re a jealous little nobody that makes movies nobody gives a shit about. You’re somebody who doesn’t perform in movies any more because his dick don’t work. You’re old and decrepit and you sub tweet.” Black said people like this guy makes him sick.


Now that Black revels its Butts I couldn’t agree with him more. In his own defense, Black said he was the one who put his balls on the line to make the business what it was and took performers like Jasmin St. Claire and put them over the top.

“That is the stuff we did. Irrelevant? Irrelevant in what stratosphere. I have armies of fans who go everyday when are you bring XPW back not when are you putting your dick in someone’s asshole?

“The top girls from two years ago, nobody hears from because Spiegler and LA Direct burns them out.

“Let me explain to you pretenders- you are sex workers, pimps, panderers; guess what motherfuckers- when everybody clings on to every word you say, you tell me what irrelevance is. I’ve got customer service strangers hitting me up when is XPW coming back. I hear XPW is coming back.”

To explain that last statement, Black told a story about how he bonded with a customer service rep from his server company who recognized him from XPW wrestling.

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