Sgt Schultz Translates Full Fabian Thylmann Account from Die Welt; Lifts the Veil Off Manwin

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The Andy Griffith website gives you a two sentence spin of this article about Fabian Thylmann from Die Welt; Read the full English text here:

The most powerful group in the global porn business resides in Luxembourg, in a simple office building of glass and concrete. “Manwin” stands at the mailbox and sign at the entrance to the fourth floor. The company’s name is virtually unknown outside the industry.

Of the sites Youporn, Pornhub or My Dirty Hobby but almost everyone has heard. Or they looked. There you see every day at 55 million porn film. In the digital world Manwin is a sex empire with 1.3 billion clicks a day.

Out of the office on the fourth floor Manwin employees can have large windows on the Boulevard Royal and forty feet deep gorge of Pétrusse valley overlook. But apparently no one enjoys the view. Behind the glass door, the reception is orphaned, some cardboard boxes standing around, cables hanging from the wall, at the desks still sticking price tags. The head, a 34 year old German, is not to be found. “Always nobody there,” said a Chinese woman who works at a bank on the ground floor.

The empty head office is not the only mysterious to Manwin. Mysterious is the boss. The Porn King likes to wear hooded sweatshirt and jeans, even at business meetings. His name is Fabian Thylmann. Photos on the Internet have a slightly overweight man with bubenhaftem face and glasses. He looks like a student in an advanced semester. He should be shy, lives in Belgium. But he comes from Aachen.

On paper, Fabian Thylmann is the sole master of the digital sex empire Manwin. According to documents of the Luxembourg Trade Register, he is CEO and sole shareholder of the holding company, which is to conduct of this office in Luxembourg of a network of subsidiaries.

There are large offices in Montreal and Hamburg. Smaller offices in Los Angeles, London, Cyprus. At many locations around 1000 people are employed, and the trend: rising fast. Industry analysts estimate the turnover of Manwin group of more than 100 million euros a year.

The story of Fabian Thylmann is that of an astonishing rise. At first glance, it has something of the rags-to-riches cliché: A small computer programmer from the Rhine Province, it brings in just five years, the most powerful sex tycoon of the Western world. Much in Thylmanns CV Stars recalls other entrepreneurs in the digital age. On Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, or even an Apple icon Steve Jobs.

They have all used the Internet for developing a unique business idea – and deserves so billion. In public, they love to play the nice boy next door in jeans and T-shirt. As business people, they are however all the tricks – determined and assertive. Thylmann could fit into the series of these visionaries. Only in one respect he is different. The others with Facebook, Google, or Apple technology satisfies needs of the people, of whom nobody knew in advance that it would give them time.

Fabian Thylmann contrast operated instincts which are as old as humanity itself, he sold sex, primarily to men. Without contact, but also with no taboos. There are desires, no one likes to talk about, because society considers dirty. Thylmann benefited. The technical capabilities of the Internet to make his pornography available on almost every computer and also allow a certain amount of discretion.

Because it is Thylmann, needs no man to sneak into the red light district to masturbate video in dimly lit rooms. No teenager should buy in station kiosks Sexheftchen he smuggles in bags at Mami past under the bed. Even hard-core pornography is only a mouse click away. In the office, in the living room in the nursery. Even in the schoolyard. They can be constantly using a smartphone or tablet computer with you.

Withdrawn its products are so ubiquitous, so the Manwin-chief himself lives He lives with his family in a posh suburb of Brussels. Against the whitewashed house with wooden window shutters an avenue lined with chestnut and oak trees. Gardeners maintain the gardens townhouses. Everything is clean and tidy. There are no fences, no walls, but perfectly trimmed hedges.

The Porn Tycoon seems to prefer bourgeois neighborhoods. Prior to his apartment in Aachen at a park splashes a fountain, a few meters further older ladies sitting on apple strudel and coffee, mothers take their children on a pedalo pond. Thylmann should have any apartments in which he is staying irregularly.

His empire forces him to constant traveling. Most like: his wife, the alleged childhood sweetheart, and his two children. Say at least people who know him a little better. They describe him as strong as native to conventional. “He’s a family guy who certainly never was in a porn twist here,” says an acquaintance.

Fabian Thylmann surrounds himself not with “Bunny” as ‘Playboy’ boss Hugh Hefner. He has inherited the venerable Playboy long and trumps. And indulge a little glamor to the so-earth Aachen nevertheless. In Cologne, he owns a nightclub. In the social network he calls Xing diving and snorkeling as hobbies. Acquaintances say that he loved expensive cameras and motor racing.

He visited many Formula 1 races, and he has succeeded to combine hobby and business. The “My-Dirty-Racing-Team” popped up with a tuned Audi S4 by the German province. In races and motorsport events it promotes German Thylmanns for sex sites. Then scantily clad porn stars posing on the hood or lascivious wash the cars.

Fabian Thylmann shuns the public, however. Ask for an interview, he can reject his spokeswoman routine. With the “Welt am Sonntag”, he wants to speak despite repeated request.

A short direct e-mail contact is all that is made. The Press Officer has a short message. Manwin is no company in the porn industry. The company optimize rather heavily visited sites. They understand it is to cash in on millions of clicks maximum profit.

Hamburger employees were from management even instructed in writing to say when they ask their company: “.. Manwin is a technology-oriented service companies with specialization in design, development and maintenance of websites, as well as the development and implementation of marketing strategies for online trading”

No word pornography. The company’s website is kept as simple as it was stated that a Manwin Kreissparkasse. In small letters it is stated: “The company creates, develops and manages some of the world’s best-known mainstream and adult entertainment brands.” The Anglicisms cover: It refers to adult entertainment, pornography.

How exactly does Manwin? How and why the young German at the head of the company was so successful? The search for answers leads to Luxembourg, Belgium, Cyprus and across Germany. To industry experts, current and former employees of the company Manwin, porn actresses and producers.

Many of the party wanted to remain anonymous. Perform with name was too dangerous. For they tell of Manwins tightrope in legal gray areas. On alleged violations of the German youth protection. About the intricate network of more than 35 subsidiaries in which Thylmann often is self managing.

About taxation or non-taxation of income. And a mysterious million loan that financed Manwins expansion, the amount and origin of the CEO himself but conceals today. And something else makes the interlocutors fear: Sales of virtual sex is just to do it with the red light district, where prostitution, organized crime, trafficking and abuse are commonplace.

Manwins secrecy fits really not an industry where the shrill self-marketing was coined decades of madcap characters like Hugh Hefner or Dolly Buster. They also fueling the rumor mill. Internet forums such as “Go fuck yourself”, the virtual meeting place for the industry are full of speculation about his rise.

Some say: Such rapid expansion is not to do with legal methods. Some believe Thylmann was only a cloak for mysterious donors from Ukraine. Or perhaps from the Latin American drug cartels.

Or even by a German investor? All this may well be only hostility from competitors. Thylmann polarized the global porn industry, because he at Youporn and Pornhub online sex and free offers. He is the ultimate low-cost competition, the revolutionary of business models, a mystery.

Even leaders of the erotic industry Thylmann can not quite categorize. Whether in the studio in the San Fernando Valley or in the offices of Beate Uhse in Flensburg -. About the man who came from nothing, and his rapidly growing empire breaks you look at the head Some admire his entrepreneurial skills, others fear the hostile takeover.

Just to Manwin has seized a prime piece of erotic pay-TV. Under license by “Playboy” the company Manwin now operates the online marketing and the television networks of Bunny brand. Also, New Frontier Media, a firm with various erotic channels in the U.S., has been given an offer.

And in the past week Manwin announced its latest coup: the takeover of major Internet competitors “Reality Kings”. Industry insiders are certain: It will not have been. The buying spree will continue, although Manwin is the undisputed number one right now.

The journey begins in Thylmanns world of pornography on the computer, on the Internet. On most websites Manwin customers simply enter their credit card information, then they can see sex. Brazzers at short clips. At Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground longer films, some with even a bit of action.

Even the most famous German sex sites among Thylmanns kingdom. The web portals My Dirty Hobby (slogan: “From private directly to you”) and private amateurs offer in exchange for money is the most popular of the German male fantasy: the girl next door. Alleged amateurs masturbating in real time on camera; couples let their sex broadcast live on the Internet.

A special attraction for the voyeur: he can chat with the actors, telling them what he wants to see. The current business has established itself as its own porn genre. It is considered especially lucrative because pirate copies the chat interaction can not. But the true power of Manwin is not based on the number of fee-based services, but on the free sites: Redtube, Tube8, Xhamster or Youporn.

Every day hundreds of new clips Manwin published there. The individual films are between five and 20 minutes. An endless succession of vaginal, oral and anal sex, alone, in twos and threes, in groups, often soft, often brutally direct.

There is a fetish and not a sexual practice that there are not seen. No body opening position or combination of partners, gender or skin color is discharged. Click click. Flesh on flesh. The camera keeps always on it fully.

This brute pornography has apparently many fans. According to Google Ad Planner alone reached 3.3 billion page views in July, were 2.3 billion something behind. Adding the two together, Manwin lay before its biggest competitor xhamster (4.8 billion page views) and XVideos (4.5 billion).

The other six major tube sites and the many pay deals of Fabian Thylmann are not even taken into account. His porn empire is thus to click numbers on par with (5.9 billion), or (6.3 billion). Significantly more coverage on the Internet have only giants such as Google or Facebook.

The concept of tube sites reminiscent of the popular video sharing website YouTube, where users adjust their self movies or clips. But moviemakers are the exception. It is also not to join in sites for the masses. On porn tube sites it comes to business. Behind the unstoppable power of sex movies stuck professional producers and studios.

How’s business, showing an anonymous example: In California, a studio produced DVD with glamor claim. The women, mostly from Eastern Europe, look like models. The men have six packs. Filmed on exotic islands or in Los Angeles. The films are the producers on their side then into the net. She only gets to see who pays.

In order to make potential customers curious to give the producers some heavily cut appetite films with reduced image quality on Youporn. The tube-side publish and link to the payment page. The producers believe that it is worth the marketing chain. They are found. Many other porn producers see this similarly.

Think of the free sites like Pornhub therefore thought of as giant rail yard because they are to control the traffic, so the next few clicks of the user to the payment pages. Manwin earned thus convenient to the contents of the other. The company receives premiums if customers from sites like Youporn finish coming at the California producers a contract. The porn producers pay to have them new customers are supplied.

The industry is long, who sell at or Youporn Pornhub no appetite short films, it was really hard to lure customers to its own site and make money. “Fabian Thylmann controls the largest marketing platform, so he has the competition under control,” says a German producer.

The company does so for the adult entertainment industry, a function similar to Google, deciding on what is found. Manwin also applies here especially prominent the payment pages of their own empire. Many of the clips from Youporn and Co. come from Brazzers, Twisties, Mofos and other fee-based Manwin pages. It also Manwin pays great care that the film quality in free range is only average. Youporn serves as a gateway drug. The page is intended to attract as many visitors to the paid services like Brazzers.

By Thylmann his paid “premium” services, the free pages and sometimes the TV stations, the same footage – only varying quality – broadcasting, it can increase profits without the costs grow proportionally. He has Manwin structured so that the company earned in the porn value chain. Of the production studios to distribution. In the latter several times.

How many draw the user’s credit card and pay monthly ten to 30 euros for porn in the finest image quality remains Manwins secret. But the group would probably earn even without subscribers. Because the edges of the free tube sites flickering banners. Not beer or any fast cars are offered.

Are suitable for this not the grubby side. The issue is even more sex. Operating the one in the first place dating sites, gaming companies and pornographic pay sites, it said in a product brochure. Undesirable are other tube sites that also offer free movies. This rivalry must stay outside.

How much respect the competitors the German porn mogul, but fear can be seen in the end of January, “Hard Rock Hotel” in Las Vegas. The industry exhibition “Internext” has Thylmann invited to a lecture. The room is packed. The key figures of the U.S. porn industry have come. It’s a rare public appearance of Manwin leaders. On the Internet there is a video recording.

In hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans Thylmann sitting next to a laptop on the table and dangling their legs. Obviously he’s Zuckerberg and others as a model. But the innocent impression is deceptive. It speaks of the wolf, and listen to the lambs.

Thylmann strikes a familiar tone. He says he wants to do away with the conspiracy theories. He was not the “bad person”, as some believe. Then he tells his version of the rise. Even with 18 years he had company, was once went bankrupt, learned from it. End of the 90s he developed as a freelance programmer with two partners, a software for the porn industry: “Next-Generation Affiliate Tracking Software”, or “NATS”.

Even then, established the business model works on the Manwin: porn producers offer their goods on payment sites. To attract as many customers as they give free preview galleries and videos of appetite. Any site owner can use that content in its sole discretion on their own pages. The site owners put in return a link back to porn paysite. The deal: porn producers to pay the website owner a bonus for every new subscription customers, via its link takes their payment page.

Quite anarchic creates a huge network of sites, the operators want cash up only by forwarding. They are called affiliates. Thylmanns new software “NATS” helps to measure the pay site operators, flush back which clips and which affiliates the most traffic. The software determines what the customer is selling well and what is not.

The program was a huge success. It is the standard in the online adult industry. Thylmann simultaneously learns how the industry works, because he not only sells the software, but also waits. “He was the ultimate insider,” says a German porn entrepreneur.

Thylmann 2006 sold his shares in the company for a seven-figure sum, as industry insiders estimate. So he comes to his starting capital. Instead of writing programs, Fabian Thylmann now rising even into the business with the sites. He buys the German Amateursexportale My Dirty Hobby and Privatamateure and assumes apparently also loans.

In Las Vegas, he says that he could increase profits by 50 percent in a few months. By 2009, he was debt free. Thylmann but wants more. For the leap into the global market, he goes all out. He takes one of the largest online sex providers in North America targeted. Under the brand name Brazzers some young programmers had built up in Montreal, Canada pay sites and free tube sites.

The students had learned in the table football scene and programmed for fun sex sites. By chance, they discovered it two special preferences of the American porn consumers: supernaturally large breasts and older women, the rough on the Internet as MILFs (“Moms I’d like to fuck”) are referred to.

Because of numerous copyright violations, the Brazzers guys have been attacked while in the industry as “thieves” and “foosball fags”, but their success has been remarkable. The company has grown in three years to more than 250 employees. Montreal today is the most important location in the Manwin Empire.

There Nothing resembles porn, red light on, to pimp-chic with thick gold chains, flashy watches and nasty tattoos. Instead, hoodies, jeans and sneakers. “When you walk into this office, you do not think that this is a company for adult entertainment”, the Manwin-chief says during his appearance in Las Vegas.

With operators of Brazzers, the inventors of the tube sites, Fabian Thylmann comes in October 2009 this week. He wants to buy the popular sex-providers. Shortly before Christmas, he asks his wife if she would like to fly with him for a few days in Montreal – they stay for three months. The negotiations dragging on, also because Thylmann chooses a risky funding model.

He takes over the side and the seller borrows the money. From a price around $ 140 million in U.S. media is talk Thylmann calls “close to it”. He stutters the sum in installments.

At the same time he buys, a great amateur site with the same model. “My lawyers thought I was an idiot,” he recalled in Las Vegas. Because he had not a single rate paid on time, he would have lost everything. He gambles, because he believes his business partners to know well. The plan works.

And suddenly still flow from another source million. Investors borrow the Aachen on 28 April 2011 a nine-digit sum. Whether they are a Wall Street hedge fund, Thylmann says in the “Hard Rock Hotel”. “I will not give you the sum, please do not ask.” The “Welt am Sonntag” the money trail is long followed, according to Nicosia. In the capital of Cyprus In the small print of the documents a Cypriot subsidiary of Manwin is the clue.

The loan to the Luxembourg holding was worth 362 million dollars (276 million euros). As security is the entire enterprise mesh. The subsidiary company in Cyprus is with their bank accounts, computers, and even with their office equipment to straight.

The Cypriot documents do not reveal the source of the money. But they call two more companies involved. The CB Agency Services LLC in the State of Delaware, known as a tax haven, and Cortland Capital Markets Services LLC, a financial services company in Chicago.

Both companies would not comment on the origin of the money. Here ends the money trail. And here begin the questions: Why be Manwin and donors so hard to disguise the origin of $ 362 million? It is just plain embarrassing the donor to invest in porn? Or is it even about black money?

The money pays Thylmann the remaining debt. He also buys more. His shopping trip will take him from hard fetish and gay porn sites in the UK until the operating license of the TV and online business the Bunny Playboy brand, for which he takes 20 months in negotiating purchase. With Playboy wants Thylmann primarily improve the image of his company.

From sleazy hardcore towards aesthetic eroticism. “Everyone loves Playboy. It’s nice and clean, perfect and charming,” says Thylmann. He wants to score at Google or Samsung’s Internet TV. Later, they could then mix in other content from Playboy, he says, Las Vegas still ambiguous.

Thylmann but is not limited to strategic decisions, he is interested in every detail through to the health of porn actors. As the end of August syphilis wave puts the industry into turmoil Thylmann tweeting non-stop about penicillin, tests and responsibility. Thylmanns interest for syphilis is a good reason.

Unlike his spokeswoman says Manwin studios produce in the United States more than 120 films with professional performers in the month, as the “New York Magazine” wrote. In Germany, the company focuses primarily on independent producers and performers. The German man wants less glossy, but with the illusion of Amateur girl next door.

A house on a main road in Berlin. Outside, the traffic roaring past, stuck behind closed windows of the ground floor will change the Lea Lingerie at ten-minute intervals. The camera clicks, while Lea lolls for the shoot on plush sofas. “It used to be a brothel,” she says. Today it hosts bizarre parties – or it will just turned porn.

Lea is 1.65 meters tall, has long overcome dark hair, big bright blue eyes and cup size 70 E. Flower tattoos are on one side of her body. Piercings sparkle in navel, tongue and lip. On the web it’s called Lea4you – even with My Dirty Hobby, the great German Amateur side of Fabian Thylmann.

While Lea strips off her bra, running Tim Wosnitza, who describes himself as its producer, through the rooms. Wosnitza raves about the “Location”. In the hallway there is a table-dance bar, a chamber next door with handcuffs and cage. A space is modeled on a classroom with blackboard and geography map. There is a Jacuzzi in the basement and heavy baroque furniture.

Wosnitza is a hamburger scene size. He has the physique of a bodybuilder. On the arms he has tattooed muscle strands can to make it look as if his skin had burst. The 26-year-old is the ex-husband and ex-manager of Sexy Cora, those German porn actress who is known for her time in the “Big Brother”-containers and died early last year after a cardiac arrest in the fifth breast augmentation.

Sexy Cora had in his lifetime set standards: Industry insiders say, rarely has an actress in the Manwin-recorded My Dirty Hobby Amateur portal as much money as you.

Lea4you is still relatively unknown, but Tim is hoping to make it a second Cora. The Manwin portals are partners in their business. Tim and Leah Wosnitza produce but mainly for Wosnitzas own portal “The well-known actresses working today usually for three or four platforms at the same time,” says Tim Wosnitza.

Leas workday begins in the morning in their two-room apartment in a small suburb of Berlin. “I do the cam sometimes have to have a shower and leave the men to watch,” she says. Then Lea is sitting at her computer, chats, flirts, strips and touches herself. Watch costs, depending on internet platform between a euro and 5.99 euro per minute.

Many of the men were regular customers. “Normally, I sit in the morning a few hours before the camera, in the afternoon I do sports or go shopping in the evening and then again camera,” she says. “On rainy days I work, because then there are more men at home in front of the PC.” Up to 20 viewers at the same time they did.

This routine is interrupted by the shooting days, when the films are produced, which are later on the Internet. “We turn to amateurs, with professional camera, the story is being denied on the set spontaneously,” said Tim Wosnitza. With “amateurs” he says, especially the male actors, they are recruited from Leas Webcam acquaintances.

“The men write to me, I choose the. Main thing is that they are clean and nice to me.” The men get a contract with location, date, cancellation clause – but no payment. They give the rights to the picture completely. Then it’s down to business. At home, in the studio, in the car, at the lake or at the post office, in which invited once a postman.

The biggest risk for a successful rotation is the stamina of men. “Ten minutes should be able to turn off,” says Tim Wosnitza. Who does not end up creating, under the sarcastic video entitled “Mini-tail quick splash” in the network. “The main thing authentic,” the producer says.

The industry like this: Lea last year the Venus Award, won a film award of the adult industry for the best amateur actress. Nobody was bothered that the amateur is fully in business for two years.

It is a tough environment. The men were greedy for more new content, says Tim Wosnitza. And actresses for new. “Men always want to see other women earlier and faster.” Since 2010, therefore many producers have switched to “amateurs”. Since then the market will be flooded.

Everything has to go fast today: the production, the film itself, the upload. Are feature films such as the “Schoolgirl Report” from the 70’s it less and less. Too complex and expensive to produce. Media such as CDs or DVDs are sold less and less, partly because Fabian Thylmann.

The Manwin Empire changed the business not only for producers like Tim Wosnitza, but also the distribution. The days of porn cinemas and sex shops in the red light districts are numbered. Come here only men of a generation that can do with the Internet at all. Even established companies get erotic Thylmanns influence is felt, because they have evaluated the development of the internet wrong.

The sex shop chain Beate Uhse made at the beginning of the millennium, 80 percent of their revenue from adult films on DVD and video. Today, it is one-tenth. “I believe in the immortality of porn”, Beate Uhse chief Serge van der Hooft has recently said. “Our main business is the movies but not anymore.”

The battle for online pornography Beate Uhse has abandoned. The company is in the midst painful rebuilding process. Employees had to go. The new strategy: selling and elegant downtown shops with toys, especially for women. The great Beate Uhse Group differs from prior Thylmann in a niche.

A simple office building in the business park Luruper Chaussee near Hamburg public parks. All around branches of large corporations. Airbus. Reemtsma. Manwin. Who works here dressed better reputable.

In Manwin offices are shorts, sandals, mini skirts, blouses with plunging neckline, exposed skin or transparent material not desired, it is in a home release. Piercings and tattoos are also reluctant seen. It was crucial that “our ‘look’ professional acts”. Actresses such as Lea would probably stay out here.

Nevertheless, just in Notkestraße earned money with them. A lot of money. The building is the hub of My Dirty Hobby. So say anyhow several ex-employees of Thylmanns empire. On the popular portal wait not only the films of Lea, but more than 265,000 sex videos and images on nearly three million cash willing consumers from Germany.

Added every day 200 to 300 new videos. Three operating languages ​​are available: English, German and Dutch. The site is the market leader in the German Amateur business, say experts in the industry. Only have to charge the customer “Dirty Cents”, a virtual currency, which he pays for genuine euro. He can then “Lara-Love” or “Devote bitch” watch at work.

The location in Hamburg is the most important to Montreal from Manwin. In the office building work programmers, search engine optimizers, social media managers, graphic designers, accountants, support and sales forces. What do they do exactly, will not say Manwin. The spokesperson tells only that about 80 people from Hamburg look after “IT services” for the group.

Nearly one-tenth of the total workforce. On two floors and 1,000 square meters, they have set themselves. With futuristic designer furniture brand level, with seating in train compartments. “Thylmann found her class, he could not be pompous enough,” says one former employee.

Manwin is a little more economical for the signage. On the ground floor right lacks any reference to the company, say ex-employees Manwin. “There sit with support, engineering and accounting departments, for which perhaps might someday be interested in the tax authorities.”

Fabian Thylmann was CEO from 2009 to 2011 in Hamburg, today called his lieutenants Alexander Pschorr and Norbert Ruland. A visit to the Hamburg branch rejects the spokeswoman Manwin also decreases. Perhaps fearing the chief questions which could be very uncomfortable for them.

For example, for age verification. German porn providers are obliged to prevent their videos that can be viewed by minors. Otherwise the operators be fined or even a prison sentence of up to one year. The operators know and operate therefore two-My dirty hobby portals. They look the same.

Even the actors are largely the same, there is only one difference: One page asks visitors for proof of age, the other not. Anyone who registers on must have verified their age and identity. This goes in the TÜV-tested method on the computer, but it is awkward. Visitors also feel deprived of their anonymity. Google is one reason only 43,000 visitors a month, which is very little for a porn site.

The second page can be found at and is, according to Google visited by about a million people – who also come almost exclusively from Germany. This page has but no age or identity verification. Clearly see the operator there to be sufficient that the page with the same content just on. “Com” ending.

A former employee says: “An age verification deters 90 percent of customers.” Another reported regularly applied to fathers to administrators and let the accounts of their underage sons, delete the “. Com” page.

Nor negligent is the age checks on the free tube sites. The user will be prompted to make sure he is 18 years old. The simple self-assessment is based on U.S. law.

The Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young has sites like Youporn however indicated as “severe Adult offerings,” they can not do more. The result: in Germany have search engines like Google not from the side in the results list. You can access them nevertheless.

The protection of minors is a sensitive issue for the hamburger. Sex with fans, as Lea and Tim describe him another. The live chat sites would be used specifically for prostitutes, say ex-employees Manwin. What begins as the Internet chat Flirt ends in the real world on the mattress. The user messages also testify to the operators of My Dirty Hobby.

On 7 August at 11:13 a clock complains: “Dear MDH team, I have identified a date with hot Dirty, but they did not appear and to write via mail no response despite the profile’m seeing real ausgechmacht etc and everything by mail andd webchat … . ” The support team it does not indicate that prostitution would be a matter of the woman.

On the contrary, an employee asks the disappointed users two days later to exact specifications. “I would like to confront the amateur with facts.” Manwin would never be committed to creating a dome platform for prostitution on the Internet to have.

Fact: In My Dirty Hobby, it’s a small step from the user for free, and the company supports, such as the mail shows. The boundaries between porn site, blur shoots with fans and pimping. “Street prostitution was yesterday,” says a former employee Manwin.

Manwin denies any influence on productions or performers. At best screenplays the company deliver occasionally, says the spokeswoman. Internal company documents suggest, however, that Manwin Germany has a major influence on all the amateurs. For the Hamburg office support staff to decide about which clips make it into the network and which are not.

You need to check all submitted amateur content. Too great is the fear that surprisingly emerge children, animals or violence porn at My Dirty Hobby. “Also, the background music is examined, lest suddenly Gema is coming,” says one former employee.

Therefore Manwin-workers look for hours at the new movies of amateurs. Is there something to complain about, they write the actors a message. The bitching around, they fly by Manwin pages.

Ex-employees describe also that there is a kind of “amateur coaches” give a kind of agony aunt, uncle for women. He cared about promotion, take photos and accompany the ladies to trade shows such as the Venus Awards in Berlin. The “amateur coaches” also sent the most important message: what sort of videos go straight to the customer well.

The Manwin leaders in Hamburg make precise statistics of the number of clicks. Knowing this can be increased sales, by Manwin, but also the women. All benefit, and therefore play with everyone who says ex-employee.

The actors take a low margin buying. For every euro a film or live chat einspielt at My Dirty Hobby, they usually get credited 25 cents. Manwin thereof retains even a VAT. The remainder is paid. The “Welt am Sonntag” are statements of My Dirty Hobby, which were sent to performers.

The range of services extends from the pair in Bayreuth, which pocketed alongside 100 per month to 300 euros with private movies, up to several thousand euros for the professional amateurs.

A top actress from Switzerland was therefore for the commission will be paid € 12,854 last June. An Actress in a suburb of Hamburg received for July 16 293 euros. The total turnover of the two women would accordingly have been lying at around 51,000 euros and 65,000 euros.

In My Dirty Hobby are, according to a former employee currently signed to the 14,000 actors and actresses, some 6000 were regularly active. Another Former but stresses that only a few hundred women could live on this work. Actresses say that hardly any of the women might be willing to extend the reach of My Dirty Hobby, if they really wanted to be known.

The sheer number of performers suggests revenue of tens of millions, in the publicly available data is examined but in vain. Officially Manwin Germany makes in Germany namely losses. A loss of approximately 32,000 euros is for the fiscal year 2010 in the books.

More recent figures are not known. Employees, however, report that the company is very well off. The bosses in Hamburg would have approved in recent months whopping bonuses. “The entire management team driving company cars: A8, S5, Q7 – mainly big Audis,” says a former student.

The official balance sheet figures reflect the reality at best reflected inadequate if they have anything to do with reality. Also show the internal accounts. This involves the sale of Internet currency Dirty cents at you with My Dirty Hobby paid. They show that only Manwin Germany in May, June and July each made more than 2.5 million euros.

So it could agree what to say ex-employees. They estimate the annual turnover of the Hamburg branch of around 30 million euros. To such business activity indicated in the German balance but nothing out. But where the my dirty hobby million flow then?

It is established that is collected only once in Germany. The customer payments go to the account 0676792500 at Commerzbank Hamburg. Account holders, however, is not Manwin Germany, but a company called Colbette Holdings Limited, Cyprus. A former employee says that the hamburger try very hard to make it look as if My Dirty Hobby and would Privatamateure operated from Cyprus.

Sun bathes the Colbette Holdings not only in bank transfers for customers, but also in the imprint of the website. Stands in the accounts for the German performer: “The tax liability in Cyprus goes to the Colbette Holdings Ltd (VAT reversed).”. Technicians from Manwin initiated emails to German authorities in Cyprus to server, so nobody suspected creatures, says the former employee.

His statement: “This is method million revenue from Hamburg to be funneled over to the German tax..” After all, the Colbette Holdings has an address on the Mediterranean island: Nicosia, Larnakos Avenue 33, Suite one hundred and first It is a particular address in the Manwin universe.

A late medieval fortress ring surrounds the center of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The Venetians built the Berlin Wall in 1522 to defend against the Turks. Today, old men playing dominoes and bridge under the eucalyptus trees. The Larnakos Avenue begins at the foot of the ramparts and through residential areas to the southeast.

Along the road, there are supermarkets, hairdressers, small pet shops and garages. There is a Romanian, an Armenian and a Chinese restaurant – and there, a few hundred meters from the wall, an important outpost of empire Thylmanns.

The entrance to the inconspicuous yellow-brown building is located behind the house. If you can Cypriot Registered believed, have the first floor, in an apartment right from the staircase, at least eight subsidiaries of Manwin empire relocating

The door sign of Suite 101 lists five. While outside of the asphalt Larnakos Avenue before noon seem to evaporate at 35 degrees in the shade, it’s cool in the suite one hundred and first And it’s pretty busy.

Densely sit a dozen young people on computers. Hard drives humming. The screens run VOD, chat programs. “We edit content for several websites,” says a visibly perplexed Cypriot. Visit of German reporters – that was a first. The head of the Cyprus office, a man named Andreas Andreou was just in Dublin, where Manwin have recently established several new companies.

The man asked politely by a frosted glass door into a small office. It is a short conversation. Twelve employees give it in Cyprus, they came from all over the world, from Austria, Hungary, Romania. “We get CDs or DVDs sent and post it on the network,” he adds. The business was good. “We buy myself constantly learning new company.”

With My Dirty Hobby from Germany they had to do in Nicosia to nothing. Of the Colbette Holdings, responding to their German bank account every month millions of euros, he had never heard of. Financial transactions and accounts from Germany? “Maybe, do not know you need to ask the boss.”

The company to which the door sign that belong exactly twelve people, he can not say. Nor why Manwin companies lack the door sign. “Ask Andreou better.” Anyway: He was not authorized to talk about Inter. Insight into management he had also no.

Did he at least the Germans, the chief executive, Fabian Thylmann, ever seen in Cyprus? “To that question I would like to respond better not.”

Cyprus is generous to companies than other countries. Companies have to pay only ten percent of their income to the Treasury, not 30 percent in Germany and 23 percent in Canada. The three-Manwin phantom companies that are missing on the door plate Suite 101, but are still reported here have something in common: They seem to make checkout. The Colbette Holdings collects the money of the German-My Dirty Hobby customers.

The Manwin Billing CY appears in the small print of the U.S. pay-sites like Brazzers, the name suggests settlement functions. The Bridco Trading is once again according to the website as a marketing agency for all the great free tube sites including Youporn and Pornhub.

For advertising money flows. Three companies in the Larnakos Avenue 33, Suite one hundred and first Three companies with no doorbell. Three companies for revenue that would normally be generated elsewhere? And always the same directors: Andreas Andreou and Fabian Thylmann.

The Cypriot companies are just the tip of an iceberg. There are more than 35 subsidiary companies Manwin. The dense mesh starts with the Manwin-Holding in Luxembourg office empty. She has twelve subsidiaries in Luxembourg and one in Hamburg. Under this level, the network branches abroad to Cyprus, Ireland and the UK.

There’s even an offshoot of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean off Africa. A large firm of international tax law has looked at the structure. Conclusion of the experts: “Manwin is a case for the tax investigation.”

Manwins chaotic enterprise system is typical of the industry. Many imprints of international sex sites refer to exotic locations such as Panama or Cyprus. This is not only for tax reasons. It’s probably also a hedge against copyright violations, which are in the business of the day.

Youporn clarifies the small print of the terms and conditions of jurisdiction was Limassol in Cyprus. If you want to complain about copyright violations apply, please contact Joe C., according to the website. The address of Joe C. Larnakos Avenue is 33, one hundred and first suite Who is calling but Joe C., George on the phone. Who says he sit while at the above address, but I do neither with nor with Youporn copyright violations.

Fabian Thylmann seems to dominate the obfuscation of the online porn business. So who is this clever businessman? A shy programmer from the province with the sense of online porn and the nose for the million-dollar business. A CEO whose company moves always on the edge of legality, and which is supported by mysterious donors.

His success story leaves many questions that probably only he can answer himself. The “Welt am Sonntag” has confronted him and his colleagues to investigate all allegations. Fabian Thylmann, his press officer and the two governors in Hamburg have preferred not to answer the range of questions.

Is it conceivable that the boss has lost track? Overwhelmed that Fabian Thylmann is with the rapid growth of his empire? That he would never come, what oddities are piling up in its subsidiaries from Germany to Cyprus? At the gig in Las Vegas, he does not make that impression.

He praises the careful calculation and accurate quarterly financial plans as a particular strength of Manwin: “I get every day a report with all of our current account balances and the plans until the end of the week.” It it were “very, very detailed financial statements.”

He tells of an army of lawyers and consultants. “They help me with company acquisitions, the tax and the corporate organization,” he says. Then he adds: “Nothing we do is left to chance, everything is planned.”.

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