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When word got out that a Southpark Porn Parody, Not Southpark XXX was being released, director Will Ryder didn’t exactly get death threats, but he did get comments like:

“I hope the guys that made this parody drop dead,” wrote one blogger in his note online note.

“Noooo I’m crying how could you do this to me I hope every human that contributed on this dies from HIV,” one viewer wrote in all caps on the YouTube page that showcases the movie’s trailer.

Just so happens that Katie Summers, star of the movie, was on Rob Black’s show Thursday afternoon,

“It was a movie based upon me and the love everybody [the characters] have for me,” Summers laughs.

Summers said she had fun on the shoot, but it was a long day, a 20-hour one.

“It’s based around Kenny’s 18th birthday, and he’s in love with Katie Summers who’s a classmate of theirs. She’s this big porn star. Cartman who Anthony Rosano plays says, she’s a whore, she takes all these cocks. Dane Cross who plays Kenny is, no way, she’s such a sweetheart. Everybody goes to a porn set.”

Summers got into the business in June, 2009 in Florida.

“II didn’t know that California was the porn capital. I didn’t know there was a porn capital,” she laughs. “Again I didn’t know a lot about porn because I believed that anal sex was HIV!”

Summers was born and raised in Texas. After four months in the business she got introduced to “the evil side of California.” Summers was asked the question, at what point as a girl growing up in Texas did she make the decision to have sex for money.

“At some point your mind was in a place where it was, like, I was smoking crack, or I was on a college campus. You made that jump. I want to know where you made that jump,” said Black. Black notes that Summers is working with the highest profile performers in the business.

“She a favorite of, those bastards I don’t like, but Katie seems to take a beating. You can see her on those sites getting hogtied and electrocuted.” Summers reminds Black this is what she used to do.

“The new stuff,” said Black, “she’s in huge Will Ryder parodies and she was in a huge Sinister Comics movie.”

Summers thought it would be cool to be a dancer.

“I was a stripper- a topless one- I was too afraid to show anything. Oh mygod I’m innocent! I started dancing and a girl I worked with used to do porn, and she talked about quitting and how she hanged around with this guy named Mark Zane. Then she hooked me up with this agent at Type 9. For a month I was talking to all of them and got introduced and worked into doing porn. I was, fuck it, I’ll try it. I don’t care.”

Summers talks about how she ran away from home. “I packed up my shit. I left my boyfriend and never returned!”

Summers is asked if she knew then what she knows now, would she have made the leap.

“No, I would have been on a totally different path,” Summers answers.

“I would be more educated to porn than thrown in with a bunch of scumbags. I was an innocent person at 23 but I got totally fucked. Whatever. You can’t turn back and only move forward which is what I’m doing.”

Summers grew up “very sheltered” and was daddy’s little girl.

“In school for sex education I was afraid of everything. I didn’t even see a penis until I was 18 years old. I thought they were very creepy thing. I never tasted anything that had to do with cum until my first scene. It took me forever to get out of my head that anal sex does not always cause HIV.”

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