She Posed with Him in GQ, Mr. Sex Tape James Deen’s Next Partner?

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from – Some reality stars spend their existence trying to dispel rumors that they’ve had plastic surgery, have filmed themselves having sex, or have otherwise done anything that could be deemed “scandalous” in any way.

The girl who posed topless [pictured right] with nothing but watermelons and short-shorts is not one of those people.

Back in mid-2012, this model-turned-reality star stripped down for a GQ spread featuring porn star James Deen. But it’s not the first time she’s bared her bod for a super sexy shoot. It was also revealed that she once modeled clothing for S&M retailer!

Can you guess which reality star posed topless with James Deen?

It’s Stassi Schroeder!

Before she was fighting with Jax or starting drama on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder earned a living as a model. While many of her gigs have required limited amounts of clothing, she took it one step further when she posed topless with porn star James Deen!

Let’s just hope the photoshoot is all she did with James. After all, he is working his way through the reality TV universe!

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