Shocker! Child Fucker Kurt Brackob Sponsored Free Speech Coalition Event in Vegas

I don’t get this.

I don’t know how everyone is not outraged. How can everybody in Porn Valley not be screaming at the top of their lungs right now?

The Black Panther Monica Foster sent me another item. What she sent was a campaign contribution expense report.

Are you guys listening to me?

Kurt Brackob paid for the event in Las Vegas.

Convicted child sex predator Kurt Brackob paid for the panel discussion in Las Vegas attended by Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Lydia Lee aka Julie Meadows and attorney Marc Randazza. It contradicts everything that Mike South wrote yesterday about Brackob being “invited” to the event by Free Speech Coalition.

Mike South says Free Speech Coalition invited the pedophile. But ladies and gentlemen, we have proof right here of money paid by Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow. He is the one who paid for the event. We have the fucking campaign contribution expense report.

Monica Foster sent me the proof that Kurt Brackob’s political action committee paid for this event that Mike South and Diane Duke want you to believe they invited Kurt Brackob to. This is a lot deeper than an invite.

This is Kurt Brackob putting on an event with Free Speech Coalition. And the money that was used to pay for this event was paid by a pedophile.

I have here a political campaign contribution expense report. What this expense report shows is that child fucker Kurt Brackob paid for the entire event that Free Speech Coalition did in Las Vegas. This is a fact. I can’t make it any more plain and simple.

What we have is a pedophile paying for a Free Speech Coalition event. Which means he is paying Christian Mann, Diane Duke, Julie Meadows and attorney Marc Randazza. These people made money from a pedophile. Everybody who is a part of Free Speech Coalition made money from a pedophile.

Mike South is a Nazi propagandist. When the Nazis had the Reichstag fire and took control of the media, this is who Mike South is. He is one of the main media outlets for the business.

This cocksucker said that Kurt Brackob was invited to a function by Free Speech Coalition. Mike South the Nazi propagandist said that Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, Marc Randazza and that entire crew invited Kurt Brackob to a Free Speech luncheon in Las Vegas.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a bold faced lie. We have proof. Kurt Brackob bankrolled that event in Las Vegas. That is not a fucking invite.

Mike South has shown his true colors here today. Mike South says Free Speech Coalition should be more careful about who they invite to their functions and that Julie Meadows and Marc Randazza have no affiliation with Kurt Brackob.

Julie Meadows interviewed him. Wouldn’t you think she would do a little digging to find out who the guy was that she was interviewing? Wouldn’t you think she would want to know a little something about the guy so she could ask him good questions? She’s either an ignorant cunt or she knew and kept it to herself. Which one is it Mike South?

Kurt Brackob bankrolled and organized a Free Speech Coalition event in Vegas. Ladies and gentlemen, are you gonna tell me that process doesn’t require an investigation? Doing a background check? Nobody thought to ask, “Who is this guy ponying up $4000 for an event? Who is this guy with the deep pockets?”

Somebody should’ve been able to come up with an answer in about two minutes.

Think about this. I figure something like this would take more than a week to organize. This guy calls up Diane Duke and says we want to sponsor a panel discussion with you and Free Speech Coalition. Diane would then have to call Julie Meadows, Christian Mann and the others. They fly out to Vegas all expenses paid and do their thing. Not one person thought to maybe find out who this generous man was?

This is not some donor who is just giving them money. He is somebody who is setting up industry functions. Wouldn’t you think that one of these people would have done an ounce of research to find out who he is? At least one of these people had to have known. And they hid it. They all hid it.

Because if they say they didn’t know, that means they are so irresponsible in their own lives that they would intertwine themselves with someone with money and hold conferences with him and not check him out at all. That is beyond stupid.

And these are the people who are supposed to be leaders in the business? These are the people who are behind our testing system and they don’t do the due diligence and at least try to find out a little information on this guy? These are the jerkoffs I’m supposed to get behind because no one will follow me because I yell at them and call them names?

I would drive out to the desert and start digging a hole. Cop would roll by and say,”What are you doing?” I say, “I’m digging a hole.” Cop says, “What for?” I say, “For this guy Kurt Brackob, he fucks kids.”

Cop gets out of the car. I say, “What are you doing?” Cop says, “I’m gonna help you dig.”

Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Julie Meadows and Marc Randazza. Mike South says they had no idea that Kurt Brackob was a child fucker. He says Brackob is just a bad invite that shows up at events. Julie Meadows is conducting interviews with him. Why wouldn’t she? The guy paid for the entire event. In the interview he mentions 2257, the federal record keeping law.

A man who fucks kids is against a requirement that producers provide documentation that adult performers are of legal age? Reality called, it wants its irony back.

Did you guys know that Debi Diamond, Sharon Mitchell, Misty Regan and Kristara Barrington all had their 18th birthdays AFTER they had done a few pornos? This was all pre 2257, of course. And you have a convicted pedophile fighting a law that would’ve kept them out of porn until they at least graduated high school. The 13 year old victim was in junior high, I think. The 10 year old was in fourth grade.

Do you think this guy is done? Once a child fucker, always a child fucker. This guy was convicted and he and this other broad got almost seven years for fucking these girls. That wasn’t that long ago. You really think this guy has stopped wanting to fuck kids? You really think he’s not sitting there thinking, “They’re so cute and adorable?”

This guy is also a gun nut. He wants to fight gun regulation. A pedophile running around fighting gun legislation. This doesn’t scare anybody? He has money and he’s putting on events with Free Speech Coalition. The adult business is being funded by a pedophile. Wow.

I have a question. Did these guys actually get paid to speak on this panel? Or did they just get a free trip to Vegas?

It’s going to be very interesting seeing them try to spin this one. These people knew what was going on. They are gonna have to respond. No way to wiggle out of this. They accepted compensation from a guy who fucks kids.

Diane Duke, all you guys, I figure you’ve got a day or two. The longer you go without addressing this, the less you look like innocent invited panel members and the more you look like accomplices. The longer you wait, the guiltier you look.

Come clean and The President may give you a pardon. Or at least a reduction on your sentencing. But your letter to The President should come fairly soon.

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