Shocking New Details In HBO Cathouse Murders; It was a Drug Operation

from – Horrific new charges have revealed that ex-Marine David Allen Tyner allegedly shot, stabbed and burned his victims during a heartless killing spree, according to the shocking arrest warrant obtained exclusively by

Two of the victims, Cathouse prostitute Brooke Phillips, and Milagrossa Barrera were pregnant at the time.

The Oklahoma District Attorney’s office officially filed six counts of first degree murder against Tyner late Friday, November 20.

Detectives now believe the shocking crime, where the victims were shot and stabbed before the rented house in Oklahoma City was set on fire, was the result of a drugs operation gone bad.

Police reported seizing a digital scale, small amounts of marijuana, 53 sandwich-size zip-close bags and 46 gallon-size zip-close bags – they also reported finding two large pieces from a roll of heat-seal bags.

Former Marine and cage fighter Tyner, 28, surrendered himself to the police after a witness told them that he had been inside the house at 1511 SW 56 street just before the horrific crime.

The victims have been identified as Jennifer Lynn Ermey, 25, of Edmond; Casey Mark Barrientos, 32, of Oklahoma City; Milagros C. Barrera, 22, of Mustang; and Brooke Phillips, 22, of Moore.

The official death toll is six because Barrera and Phillips were pregnant. The case has attracted national attention because Phillips was a prostitute who appeared on Cathouse, an HBO reality program about a legal Nevada brothel.

Police records show their search of the house casing with two guns, two box knives, a folding knife, a lighter, a projectile and white ankle high sock with 17 Winchester .40 S&W live rounds.

Police also seized about $221 in currency and coins and are continuing to question Jose Fernando Fierro, the renter of the house who escaped before the carnage began.

Tyner’s former cage fighting promoter Jason Nicholson previously told Radar that he thought Tyner suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after serving in Iraq.

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