SHOCKING VIDEO: The Gay Mafia Ruin XXXJay’s life but he will bounce back strong

This video was posted on XXXJays website

I see a lot more than what you all will see watching it! I know the facts and the fact is the gay mafia is what scammed and ruined XXXJay and his wealthy porn empire that he built for so many years. The people behind it will be outed in a later story but for now lets just say it was a bunch of fag loving cunts and faggot homosexuals and I don’t care if you want to hear it or not because it is true and XXXJay was another good straight guy ruined cause of the faggot mother fuckers that are the gay mafia taking over the straight porn business. God be with you Jay.



  1. Sandra McCarthy is a complete piece of human trash. I can sympathize with triple X Jays dilemma and I would’ve done the same thing to that chair too. That is how mad that bitch won’t make you. She asked holier than now but she is nothing more than a less than talented 2-bit agent who would send her own daughters into prostitution if she thought she could make it dollar on it. That is OC modeling made my girlfriend escort where they wouldn’t book or any scenes. Complete scams and you should avoid them!

  2. I can’t wait to see the Sandra Mcarthy expose, I’m sure every single word of it is true and probably worse.she is the self centered bitch that does nothing but cares about herself.I am amazed the authorities have a cracked down on her prostitution ring

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