Shower Shotxxx: A Clean Way to Get Dirty

Maineville, OH (PRWEB) — Shower Shotxxx is a concept long desired, but never approached which takes adult models and puts them right in your shower with you! After all, it’s the one place that you still have privacy, right?

Shower Shotxx are plastic collector’s cards less than 5” in length and a little over 4” in width and feature exclusive nude models of exceptional standards. What’s more is that The Shower Shotxxx Girls all have their own online profiles complete with interactive chatrooms, private webcam showings, downloadable videos, and much more.

Shower Shotxxx are sold much like other trading cards and come in 2 different packages; The Starter Dexxx contains 25 Shower Shotxxx, 1 bottle of water-resistant lubricant, and a suction cup that can be inserted in each card to mount them to your shower wall, restroom stall door, or any other non-porous surface. In addition; each Starter Dexxx pack will contain a Members Only Card bearing your access code to the Shower Shotxxx interactive website at www(dot)ShowerShotxxx(dot)com, where users can get to know the Shower Shotxxx Girls on a more personal level.

The second package is the Add-on Paxxx, which contain 5 Shower Shotxxx and a single-use pack of lubricant. In these packs, users may stumble upon a Chat, IM, or Striptease Card that they can use to gain access to personal sessions with the Shower Shotxxx Girls, and these are the real girls from the cards.

The Shower Shotxxx Girls are going on a nation-wide tour in 2010 to promote this new line of products and users can really get to know them in person.

Shower Shotxxx are scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2010 and are now auditioning for Shower Shotxxx Girls in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you are an aspiring model who has never been photographed in the nude before and wish to get in on a concept that is sure to be the next big thing in the adult entertainment industry contact Shower Shotxxx or email a head shot, contact info, and a brief bio to apply(at)showershotxxx(dot)com to setup an audition and interview.

*A provisional patent has been filed with the US Patent and Trademarks Office for Shower Shotxxx and its affiliated Terms as defined below, all design concepts, and distribution plans as of December 10th, 2009.

1. Shower Shotxxx are an original concept by AJS Promotional Media of Cincinnati, Ohio and have filed for a provisional patent through the US Patents Office. For more information about Shower Shotxxx, please contact the Shower Shotxxx Public Relations team at info(at)showershotxxx(dot)com or at (800) 671-1469.

2. Shower Shotxxx Girls are exclusive models as well as Brand Ambassadors that are featured on both the Shower Shotxxx cards and the Shower Shotxxx interactive website. They promote the brand itself as well as their own personal collector’s cards through personal appearances, personal blogs, and social networks.

3. Starter Dexxx are a deck of 25 Shower Shotxxx that contain 1 bottle of water-resistant Shower Shotxxx lubricant and 1 mountable suction cup for easy mounting on any non-porous surface.

4. Add-on Paxxx are packages of 5 Shower Shotxxx and contain 1 single-use packet of water-resistant Shower Shotxxx lubricant.

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