Showgirl Schevelle Now Appearing in Print and On the Air

Phoenix, Arizona – Super showgirl Suzanne Schevelle has had a great wind up into the new decade with media coverage ranging from the AP Newswire to Playboy’s Night Calls, and it looks like there is no end in sight to her bid as most recognized dancer in the world.

Schevelle isn’t afraid to share the spotlight, however. Her partner, Tony Batman is an intrinsic part of the multi-media presence that she is parlaying into household name status. The dynamic duo debuts a weekly segment Tuesday nights on LATalk Radio, beginning January 26, 2010, relating tales from their cross country performance and appearance tour.

Adding to the extent of her media presence Schevelle also garnered print coverage in two publications on news racks in the US this month.

“This is already an amazing year for me and Tony and we aren’t even out of January yet,” smiles Schevelle.

“Along with our new radio segment, I have a layout in the Florida based, adult nightclub publication, Desire Magazine for the month of January. It has six to eight pictures and a nice bio about me to go with it. I also have an article and pictorial in the Penthouse February 2010 issue, in reference to The Penthouse G-String Awards that I competed in. I won the gold in the ‘Centerfold Magazine Division’ of the G-String Awards.”

Updates on Schevelle’s tour schedule, personal appearances and online journal are available through

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