Yes it’s true. Monica Foster befriends Mike South’s #1 Source.

While Monica Foster is at war with Mike South, she’s befriended is good friend and #1 source of industry gossip – SHY LOVE.


Good job Monica. Talk about sleeping with the enemy.




  1. Foster lost Mike South and Desi Foxx. She’s desperate to kiss ass to get some support. Foster did this a year ago when she alienated Team Jenna and she attacked Tito Ortiz girlfriend, Amber. It only lasted about a month before Jenna and her entourage figured out what kind of nutjob Foster is and they 86 her.

    I don’t think that Shy Love is aware that Foster owns this website.

  2. Monica watch out this beast Shy Love she is a liar Pimp thief fake wanna be Jew while she is really from Ecuador. Exact opposite of Monica Foster. Foster will figure it out soon enough.

    What Foster should seriously come to terms with is that Shy Love tried this with Sean Thompkins betraying Mike South or sent by Mike South and others Monica you are a last resort ditch effort for Shy and Mike. Everyone but Foster is aware Shy Love and Mike South are BBF all while Foster and dick wad Mike South are at it. I am with foster on this one.
    Monica Shy Love was sent by Mike to befriend you like Shy did with Sean.

  3. Foster doesn’t care who is in the right or wrong. She ignores all of the facts. She’s only supporting Shy Love in a desperate attempt to discredit Tompkins, Ari, and Gene Ross.

    Foster actually did support Shy Love in suing her old business partner, Mark, over at ATMLA. Foster ignores the fact that all of Shy’s former girls over ATMLA who are either still there or left, doesn’t follower her on social media nor has any communication with her, other than Alexis Amore.

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