Shy Love Fucks More Fags

Turns out Shy Love really likes the fucking fags. Found another video of her sucking a fag’s cock while he’s taking a dick up the ass.

This is scene 5 of the movie Coming Out A Bi-Sexual Tale






  1. Shy Loves middle name is FUCK she fucks everything thing that moves as she is a general fuck up and fucks up shit and fucks over people every which way.
    Fucking Faggots is no big deal for her.

  2. Why care? So long as they’re STD free and there’s a market for it, seems like she’s entitled to take any part she wants.

    It’s not my cup of tea at all to watch that stuff but apparently somebody’s buying it.

  3. Why care? Because they infect the mainstream talent pool. Gay performers don’t test like real porn does. So they have a higher rate of STD transmission and they also openly have sex with HIV positive performers. This taints the talent pool.

  4. Gay performers ARE NOT required to test for ANY STD’s and that is a fact. Trouble is there are different strains of HIV and one infected faggot can infect another HIV Faggot with a different Strain of HIV and so on and so on

    Shy Love is highly suspected to have something going on in her kidneys or liver and maybe this is why she is out of the country where there are no testing requirements and escorting activities can be more in the shadows.

  5. Known Shy Love for a great many of years now as in over 10 years. Myself and many others in the industry have highly suspected Shy Love of having Hepatitis C. To further bolster this opinion and it is highly very likely she is Hepatitis C positive, Shy love’s TTS test history is flagged as Not available to Producers or anyone. It is well known she is BBF with the owner of TTS. Dont believe this to be true ? Well any producer can just look it up right now.
    Unlike 99 % of all other talents displays their test results But noooo not Shy Love’s though. There bold disclaimer to the affect that “This performer does not want the test history and result available”. Just like when there is a Syphilis or HIV infected person who is quarantined. Their results and status then becomes unavailable with the same disclaimers

    To Ad more insult to injuries and after many years the Stage Name Shy Love shows her as Sheelagh Bulmberg NOW AS IN VERY recently its is SHEELAGH LiBERBOIM.

    NOW all of a sudden its Sheelagh Liberboim ? while actively working and shooting with EURO GIRLS EXCLUSIVELY..Why is that ?
    Any reasonable person would conclude she is lying and hiding her medical issues that is dangerous and contagious but she doesn’t give a fuck

    • If you truly knew Shy Love for over 10 years, then you might have some dirt on why known of her former ATMLA girls aren’t following her on social media NOR speak to her. Alexis Amore is a good friend of Shy’s, is she involved in some dirty stuff?

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