Shy Love Mike South and John Fourbush Sitting in a tree K I S S I N G

Shy Love

I normally don’t cover stories on PWL but this one needs attention that was sent into me.


Shy Love, Mike South and John Fourbush Sitting in a tree K I S S I N G!!!! WELL WELL WELL! A new site has popped up attacking someone’s child and guess who is behind it? Read more here


  1. Is that a wedding ring this stupid coked out whore is wearing in the PWL version of this picture Gene?
    She looks so fucking coked out of her god dam mind she forgot to remove her wedding wring before the fucking she got that day while Roy was out fucking hot Hookers on the cheap. I assume she is married again for the fourth time.


    I know her better than anyone in the Industry and out of the industry for that fact. Sheelagh’s methods and known style is to attack others by having others do it for her and have her mouth piece and helpers take the blame and suffer the fallout.
    Every day from the many years I have known her she is fighting with many individuals in the industry simultaneously Morning noon and nights.

  3. Monica Foster was showing support of Shy Love when she was suing Mark over at ATMLA last year. If Shy and South are truly in cahoots together, I doubt that Foster would actually Shy now since she’s turned on South.

    Don’t worry about Foster, she burns her own bridges. She did with Desi Foxx over her pics being used without her permission (big wow), but then Foster kissed her ass because she had no one else to “support” her.

  4. I think TLC must have quit paying Shy love and she is all mad. Previously a ton of new recruits popped on on Shy Love’s Hooker front site for prostitution Gene. Jason Davidson and Sophia is a front for Shy Love. Everyone knows Sophia Santi is Shy’s Love’s front bag door man/ Woman. Sophia runs a Prostitution outfit and Sophia’s name is all on the paper work over at the and LAX Models, Shy cannot own anything in her name because she has not filed a single tax return in 9 years and is dodging the tax man state and Fed and the Student loan collection Dept. Shy We know you are a hooker just like a great many. We all saw you with your Sugar Daddy at AVN so shut yah mouth. Stop Introducing yourself as ” I am not involved in escort work” you are and have been for a long time.

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